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Introducing Pro Stringer Claws 2.0, the “World’s Sexiest Flying Clamps”

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Two plus years ago we waxed poetic about the Pro Stringer Claws. At the time we found them to be innovative in that they were the only flying clamps on the market with the ability to clamp off strings in frames without pinching them or leaving the string bed askew. Were they perfect? Well, not exactly, but they were pretty dang close and a lot better than anything Pro Stringer had provided in the past. In fact, they rivaled the long time king of the flying clamps, Stringway, for sure.

However, after heavy use we found the original Claws had some areas where they could be improved. Adjusting the clamping pressure required a tool. When string spacing got wide, usually at sides, top and bottom of stringbed, the main claw was not wide enough and a separate wider model had to be purchased to use in these instances. We also found with extensive use, literally 1000+ racquets, the claws would show signs of internal wear and would not hold strings as well.

The Pro Stringer design team set forth to address these issues and more. In 2021 a new prototype Claw was designed and produced. We were selected to be one of a worldwide test team to use them and share feedback.

These new prototype Claws, were wider and able to handle virtually all sized gaps between strings. The larger version was no longer needed and with a new adjustment knob it was simple to adjust them on the fly. Overall, the pleasure of using them had increased. The internals were beefier and the prototype claws themselves were oozing in quality. You could feel the precision.

We have been stringing with the prototypes for more than one year. We have strung hundreds of racquets with them and they have performed beyond our wildest expectations. In fact we have two that we have yet to clean. This is an intentional effort to see how long they can go before strings start slipping. Truth is, we can’t answer this question because the gripping power remains perfect with no slippage even though they have been intentionally neglected from a routine cleaning perspective.

The Pro Stringer design team did a fantastic job in testing, improving and bringing this polished product (literally) to market. They sourced a new manufacturer, significantly updated the look, finish and overall aesthetics and they are now ready and available for the tennis stringing public to use and enjoy.

I am in the minority, but for many years I have preferred using flying clamps when stringing. Straightening strings was always the bug in the ointment when using traditional flying clamps, but the original Claws addressed this concern. However, the new Claws 2.0 with all their precision and cosmetic splashi-ness, take this preference to an entirely new level. To me, when using them, I feel as if I have total control over the stringbed. The inner artisan flows out of me and stringing becomes more satisfying than ever before. I would often switch back and forth between the fixed clamps on my Baiardo and Star 5 and flying clamps, but with the Pro Stringer Claws 2.0 I just can’t imagine going back because it would be, IMO, taking a step backward. The beauty of using the Claws and joy of being in total control of the stringjob would be sacrificed…and that is not something I want to do.

The new Pro Stringer Claws 2.0 come in the mirror finish as in image above and a cosmetic upgrade with black and chrome (Opening images) and OOOHHH LA LA!…that black and chrome is sexy! I’d venture to say it’s the sexiest tennis clamp of any variety ever made. You will feel special when using it. My first time with this newly released model…I couldn’t stop looking at it. Admiring the beauty of it. It is truly something to behold. Of course, strings stay aligned due to design and the experience of using them is one that provides a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Being super sexy and attractive are not the only advantages of the chrome edition. Due to the finish these babies have fingers that have been laser treated in order to help them hold onto the strings. This treatment helps them grab the strings better with less clamping force required compared to the mirror finished claws. Mirror finished claws have their fingers treated with shot peening, which is effective and less costly to manufacture than the shot peening plus laser treatment the chrome claws receive. The mirror finish is a polished aluminum surface so eventually salts from skin and other contaminants may affect the look. The chrome protects the claws from discoloration. So, those, my friends, are the differences between mirror finish and chrome finish.

Pro Stringer Claws 2.0 are currently available at and will soon be on our Guts and Glory web site. To quote a classic television show, “They are real and they are SPECTACULAR!” Get yours today. You will not be disappointed.

DISCLOSURE: When Pro Stringer was introduced many years ago, we were impressed with the innovative nature and spirit of their products. We reached out to them and eventually began working in a product testing and advisory capacity. We maintain that relationship today and we also serve as the source in the USA that warehouses and ships their products for them. While there is an affiliation, this blog entry is a personal opinion and is in no way influenced by our working relationship. I truly believe in this company and the innovations they are bringing to the stringing profession. Stay tuned because there is more in store and even more to see in 2023!

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  1. David B on said:

    Hey John. I bought the older versions per your views and of course also like them very much. I wonder if they would let me trade mine in?


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