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WeissCANNON offers one of the most impressive lines of string in the tennis industry today.  The quality is ridiculously good and the price point makes them a steal of a deal.  WeissCANNON wants to earn your business and they are aggressively seeking new players who want to improve their games by upgrading to WeissCANNON strings. […]

An arm-friendly poly hybrid? This Physical Therapist thinks so…

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Below is a recently received review for the new WeissCANNON Dual Reality.  Currently available at introductory pricing from Guts and Glory Tennis! I am a Physical therapist of 25 yrs who has treated many weekend warriors who write Vamos on their sneakers and string their rackets with hybrid or poly strings only to be reminded […]

WeissCANNON’s “Dual Reality”

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This blog entry practically screams for some retro cool 60’s music to play in the background.  We believe it helps to set the tone for this groovy new string from WeissCANNON. We invite our blog readers to play the music and continue onward with reading our review of “Dual Reality.”  Enjoy! The brand new Dual […]

WeissCANNON Awareness Week

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Did you know that October 21 – 28 is National WeissCANNON Awareness week?  It’s true!  Guts and Glory Tennis is celebrating by offering a FREE set of WeissCANNON string for any customer placing an order of any type through our online store.  To claim your free set just write “WeissCANNON Awareness Week” in the comments […]

WeissCANNON Jibber-Jabber

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Over the past two days we have fielded a number of email messages and telephone calls inquiring about the exclusivity of WeissCANNON string products.  The purpose of this post is to have a resource to which those with these questions can be directed. In short, as players who use them know, WeissCANNON strings are high […]

WC Black5Edge – The World’s 1st “Poly-Plush” String

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Many string companies will wait until key times in the tennis calendar to unveil new product offerings.  WeissCANNON’s new Black5Edge is being introduced to the tennis playing public at a rather unconventional time.  Why?  When a string is developed that generates unbridled praise and excitement that literally oozes from the pores of early playtesters; a […]

Bitten and Smitten!

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WeissCANNON is boldly introducing a string with the most interesting and exciting name in 2010, (and perhaps ever),  Mosquito Bite!  While the name is certain to garner a certain amount of attention, it is the performance that has players talking! After being on the market for approximately 2 weeks, the Mosquito Bite is leaving users […]

“The Power of Purple!” – WeissCANNON 6StarString Supercharged

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Throughout the ages, purple has been the color of royalty.  Purple is synonymous with creativity.  Purple is posh.  Purple represents power and wealth.  Purple is fun, youthful and unique.  It is no surprise that WeissCANNON has selected purple as the hue of choice for its attention grabbing new product, 6StarString Supercharged! WeissCANNON continues to push […]

Theme week: Sharing more email messages via our blog

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Today we received an email message from a WeissCANNON Explosiv! user in Florida.  Check out what he had to say about this terrific product! To whom it may concern: I am a 36 year old, former collegiate player and currently compete at the 5.0 level. I run several adult tennis leagues for men and women […]

Jaw-Dropping new string AMAZES users…

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September 28  is a milestone in the life of the new WeissCANNON TurboTwist.  Today marks the 4th month that this product has been available in the USA and we continue to have trouble keeping it in stock due to high customer demand. For all the strings we have playtested and introduced through the years, none […]

WeissCANNON Turbotwist – Initial review

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So who really cares if the coil memory of this product makes the installation process take a couple minutes longer??? It is soooo worth it!!!! The performance of the new WeissCANNON Turbotwist is shockingly good. It not only exceeded, it SHATTERED all reasonable expectations. This string clearly possesses all of the potential to be brobdingnagian, […]

WeissCANNON 6StarString – early rumblings

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The WeissCANNON 6StarString has yet to officially hit the US shores and already it is one of the most popular email subjects appearing in the ol’ inbox. Here are some tidbits for the curious. 1. We have two samples out and being playtested. Both in hybrids. We have identified a full-set playtester, but need the […]

WeissCANNON TurboTwist

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We are currently conducting local playtests with WeissCANNON’s newest poly-based string, TurboTwist. This 1.18mm string features an innovative construction that has been patented. The manufacturer claims it will take poly-based strings to an entirely different level. We are excited to hit with it. We are told this poly-based string offers the highest amount of controllable […]

WeissCANNON Explosiv! – Playtest results

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As many of our blog readers are aware we have been undergoing an ongoing playtest with the incredible WeissCANNON Explosiv! multifil tennis string. The playtest has yielded amazing results. (Please see full article here!) After more than 8 months of an extended playtest, we are going to voluntarily end the test. The string has not […]


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WeissCANNON and Guts and Glory Tennis understand the financial challenges that these economic times are presenting to many throughout the USA. In an effort to be supportive of our customers who are seeking high quality strings at a price points they can afford, we are instituting a program where we subsidize pricing on select WeissCANNON […]

WeissCANNON Explosiv! – Playtest Update

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Our ongoing playtest with the WeissCANNON Explosiv! continues. In this blog entry we will share with you the actual chronology of our initial test set. We have chosen to do this because the results have literally blown our socks off. Please note we also have additional playtesters who have begun to test for durability in […]

WeissCANNON Explosiv!- Freakishly Good.

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Early reviews from the newest offering from WeissCANNON Explosiv! reveal the string is not only a top-quality multi, but it is literally a freak of nature! In all our years of playtesting we have never been as surprised by the performance of a string as we have been with the new Explosiv!. We came into […]

Now Playing…

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The newest offerings from WeissCANNON arrived yesterday and we will begin playtesting this week. The first is generating a great deal of excitement at Guts and Glory Tennis. It is a brand new multifilament. Constructed with over 1000 ultra thin, high elastic fibers and a special resin coating. We are hoping this string will provide […]

WeissCANNON = High Grade

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Last week we had several conversations with customers describing the difference between premium copoly strings and their lesser cost counterparts. Of course, WeissCANNON is one of the brands we carry and it clearly resides in the category of premium copolymer. But what does this really mean and how is it any different? First, it is […]

MatchPower – Seriously Good

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While we take pride in offering the entire series of premium quality WeissCANNON strings, we wish to highlight the lesser known of the “Big 3,” the MatchPower. This is a seriously good string. The performance characteristics allow a great deal of comfort, control and durability. If you have not yet experienced the advantage of playing […]

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