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StringWeavers are Rockin’ Our World!

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It is indeed an extremely rare occurance for racquet technicians/stringers to be presented with new tool options. Sure the standard cutters can be improved and premium string clippers and awls can be introduced, but I can not recall the last time a tool was created that generated so much excitement for me when stringing. I […]

Prolonging String Life

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Today’s blog entry is simply a quick tip we picked up years ago.  When using synthetic gut strings, if you tend to break them in the center of the stringbed, this tip could help you! Breaks in the center of the string bed are caused from friction wear.  In order to reduce friction you can […]

Reducing and Eliminating Tennis String Movement

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Broccoli. A newlywed’s cooking. The swine flu. Serena after a loss. A root canal. Potholes. Jelena on a bad hair day. String movement. The Jimmy Fallon Show. What do each of the above have in common? They are all things that many of us dislike and strive to avoid. While each of us can manage […]

$25.00 well spent

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Last fall I made a purchase on a whim. Turns out it was the most pleasurable $25.00 ever spent. I had strung for years on a thin mat covered by carpet. I thought all was well. Then one day I decided I wanted more cushioning. Sure I could wear crocs, but since I prefer to […]

The wonders of natural gut

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Playing with natural gut is for many, the ultimate tennis experience. The power, feel, ball pocketing, liveliness are the properties that many synthetics (excepting poly-based strings) attempt to emulate. Natural gut is extremely resilient and there is probably nothing better at absorbing shock which makes it ideal for those with a tendency toward tennis elbow. […]

Get a Grip!

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It can be successfully argued that the grip is the most neglected piece of equipment in tennis.  It’s absolutely true. Improperly sized racquet grips can lead to racquet twisting and potentially an arm injury. Excessively worn and tattered grips can also lead to racquet twisting and arm injury, not to mention an annoying discomfort.  Why […]

Just Bend Over.

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I can’t even begin to describe how frequently I see this particular wear pattern on the headguard of racquets. Most frequently it is observed on the frames of junior players. I suspect if you are a racquet stringer you have seen it too. In my shop I have several juniors who regularly wear through the […]

Who’s Stringing Your Prince “Port-Style” Racquet?

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Prince tennis has long been an innovator in racquet design. Tennis players throughout the world have flocked to the new design that Prince refers to as O Ports and Speed Ports. What most tennis players do not know is that ALL of the new Prince “port” frames that have ports located on the 3 and […]

Happy New Year!

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We wish all of our readers and customers a terrific 2009! We invite you to continue reading our blog as 2009 has many exciting announcements in store. Our intent is to post new content at least 2x per week. We’ll have to see if we can make that happen this year. With the new posts […]

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