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Grody Gripage…There’s Fungus Among Us

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One of the most disgusting aspects of being a professional stringer is having to deal with filthy overgrips that come attached to racquets for restringing.  I’m not talking about a little bit of wear, I am talking about full bore disgusting sweat-riddled, bacteria infested, stinking rotten overgrips. In the past we have blogged about the […]

Getting a Grip on Overgrips

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This is admittedly going to be a disjointed blog entry.  Had a conversation over the weekend with a customer in which we touched on the topic of overgrips.  I have several random thoughts that are difficult to thread together nicely, but nonetheless they may be of interest and/or assistance to some of our readers. Why […]

New Product: Western and Semi-Western Grips

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Guts and Glory Tennis is excited to make available, for the first time to the general public, Western and Semi-Western Replacement Grips. Many of our customers have coaches who are encouraging a grip change for added spin and more power. Our new western and semi-western grips will allow you to wail away just like Rafa […]

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