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Bird Falcon Elite: First Impressions & Initial Review

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The new bird Falcon Elite pickleball paddle has been released and this long time pickleball lover, retailer and reviewer found the performance to soar above expectations. Let’s dig in! First, while a pickleball retailer, we have no affiliation whatsoever with Bird Pickleball or Grip 6. Our chosen pickleball equipment partner is Ronbus. We proudly carry […]

A Clamping Revolution: “CLAWS” Add Precision & Passion to Your Stringing Arsenal.

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Attention Stringers and Tennis Enthusiasts… May we have your attention please? A brand new, highly innovative product has hit the tennis marketplace.  We believe this product offers the potential to change the way you go about stringing; making it easier, more pleasurable and more precise than ever before. Introducing the Pro Stringer Claws! Nowadays, it […]

Okay…I’m unofficially the first StringWeavers Fanboy!

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In my last post I reviewed the new StringWeaver tool. Since then I have continued making use of it and enjoying it more each and every day. Since the review, there have been some newer developments that are worth sharing. I have found for me, I get best results using the method I described in […]

Sweet Spotter Sweetness.

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Last week I received an email message from a colleague in Germany.  He asked me “why don’t you carry the Sweet Spotter?”  My response was “what is a Sweet Spotter?” and that is how my newest journey began… Within minutes I was dialing up Mr. Google to see what the heck my friend was talking […]

Recycling Tennis Balls

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What do you do with your tennis balls after they lose their bounce and are no longer playable?  It is not unreasonable to assume that the vast majority of tennis players simply toss them away with the leftover meatloaf that has been in the refrigerator for the past month.  Did you know it is estimated […]

New breakthrough in racquet customization…

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Cork.  Major league baseball players have been using it for years to enhance their hitting performance.  It is illegal in baseball, but to date, there is NOTHING in the rules and regulations of tennis to prevent it from being used.  Guts and Glory Tennis has been experimenting with integrating cork into many of today’s modern […]

Our Medley of Stringing Tools – We Give Thanks For An Anal Pursuit of Perfection

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We entered into 2011 with no idea how much our stringing skills/results could or would advance, just a desire to be open to learning as much as possible in order to remain fresh/innovative and relevant.  As we move into the time of year where we reflect and give thanks, I am personally thankful for being […]

Something Fishy? Nah, not really.

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Our year of extending our learning and boundaries in the world of stringing continues into October and November.  Tomorrow morning we are planning a trip to the Bass Pro Shops and we are excited. Do we fish?  No.  Do we need a new pair of wading boots?  Not exactly.  Then why in blue blazes would […]

One more time with feeling…”The String Thing”

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In May we created a blog entry trumpeting the praises of The String Thing.  This little tool continues to impress us.  Last week we came upon a video testimonial from Tim Strawn and John Gugel, two tennis stringing titans, who shared their thoughts and opinions of this tool.  Reinforcement is a good thing.  I could […]

DSS – “The String Thing” to the Rescue!

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The tennis world has been living under the throes of an insidious plague since the advent of modern racquets.  It  is simply known by three villainous initials, DSS.  It is a devilish epidemic that crosses all national, racial, political and social boundaries. Pros of all levels, college players, tournament players, juniors and even weekend warriors…we […]

Stringmeter: An Ode to Accuracy

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The stringmeter is a much maligned and wildly misunderstood instrument that should be essential…ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL…for all stringers who are concerned about accuracy, consistency and quality in the string jobs they are producing.  It is also a useful tool for serious tennis players who want to monitor the tension loss of their strings so that they […]

The Baiardo Era Begins

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Many local customers are acutely aware of  the health issues I have been facing.  I detail them today because they are a large part of my Baiardo story. In February 2009 I began suffering from neck and back pain.  The MRI revealed both arthritis and bulging discs in the C5/C6 areas of the upper back […]

Frogg Togg Chilly Pads – Stayin’ Cool on the Courts

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The fierce summer heat has hit and tennis players throughout the nation are seeking options to stay cool on the courts.  On way to combat the stifling heat and humidity is with the remarkable Frogg Togg Chilly Pad Cooling Towel. Measuring a robust 33″ x 12″ and coming in nine fantastic colors, including a new […]

Stringway Cross Stringing Tool – Some Thoughts and Questions

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We have been experimenting with this new and clever tool from Stringway for the past several weeks.  The basic purpose of the tool is to assist with installing the cross strings. The tool comes in two sizes, one designed for dense patterned stringbeds and the other for open stringbeds.  The build quality of the tools […]

Keeping the machine in “tip-top” form

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Ever walk into those big box sporting good stores or even the local tennis club and take a look at the machine?  In many instances you will notice an untidy appearance.  This can be indicative of them not being routinely cleaned and maintained. Each week our machine gets at least 2 thorough cleanings.  Keeping the […]

$25.00 well spent

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Last fall I made a purchase on a whim. Turns out it was the most pleasurable $25.00 ever spent. I had strung for years on a thin mat covered by carpet. I thought all was well. Then one day I decided I wanted more cushioning. Sure I could wear crocs, but since I prefer to […]

Get a Grip!

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It can be successfully argued that the grip is the most neglected piece of equipment in tennis.  It’s absolutely true. Improperly sized racquet grips can lead to racquet twisting and potentially an arm injury. Excessively worn and tattered grips can also lead to racquet twisting and arm injury, not to mention an annoying discomfort.  Why […]

Design flaw, incompetence or conspiracy at Prince?

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Sometimes you just have to wonder. Prince, claiming to be the company to produce the most technologically advanced racquets on the planet seems to continually fall short. In previous years technologies that were not ready for prime time were rushed to the market. The grommetless Air series is an example. Strings shanking all over the […]

Stringbed stiffness…some thoughts

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At Guts and Glory Tennis we use an ERT 700 tennis computer to measure the stringbed stiffness on each frame we restring for our customers. The data collected from this equipment is then entered into our customer database to help us provide the most consistent stringing service to our customers. The ERT 700, (and newer […]

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