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Recycling Tennis Balls

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What do you do with your tennis balls after they lose their bounce and are no longer playable?  It is not unreasonable to assume that the vast majority of tennis players simply toss them away with the leftover meatloaf that has been in the refrigerator for the past month.  Did you know it is estimated […]

Something Fishy? Nah, not really.

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Our year of extending our learning and boundaries in the world of stringing continues into October and November.  Tomorrow morning we are planning a trip to the Bass Pro Shops and we are excited. Do we fish?  No.  Do we need a new pair of wading boots?  Not exactly.  Then why in blue blazes would […]

One more time with feeling…”The String Thing”

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In May we created a blog entry trumpeting the praises of The String Thing.  This little tool continues to impress us.  Last week we came upon a video testimonial from Tim Strawn and John Gugel, two tennis stringing titans, who shared their thoughts and opinions of this tool.  Reinforcement is a good thing.  I could […]

Upcoming Learning Opportunity

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Just this past weekend registration for the 2011 GSS Racquet Stringer’s Symposium was put online.  The dates to reserve are September 24 – 28.  The location is going to be the Saddlebrook Tennis Resort which is located near Tampa in Florida. While the symposium is always an awesome opportunity for stringers of all levels to […]

Caring for Tennis Courts Following a Winter Storm

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The January ice storm that hit Atlanta last week put a number of things into perspective.  The fear of not having enough food for the family or formula for the baby caused many Atlanta residents serious concern while others worried about the possible loss of power or how emergency vehicles might help were a fire to occur […]


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For the past year we have been striving to optimize interactions with our customers.  Social media provides us with tools to accomplish this in ways that we hope are helpful. We strive to post at least one or two interesting and informative blog entries each month.  Through these entries we hope to share detailed information […]

A Snipet of Yesterday’s Email Messages

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Included are excerpts from yesterday’s email messages we received as it pertains to our products.  We are proud to bring fantastic products to our customers.  Thank you for choosing Guts and Glory Tennis! “WeissCANNON TurboTwist 1.18.  I’ve been playing with it for 2 months and love it!” – Glenn W. “Hi John.  Hepta string by […]

Spider Silk – The Future of Tennis Strings?

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Here’s an interesting bit we ran across while surfing the web. Recent laboratory innovations have allowed scientists to clone spider silk. Bioengineered spider silk is said to be strong as steel, yet flexible at the same time. The article from a Tufts University journal (see link below) states that possible applications include use in sporting […]

String Stiffness and Tension Loss

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In what could very well become our most blasphemous and controversial blog entry to date, we finally respond in a public way to one of the most common questions we receive. “Why doesn’t the USRSA include the MSV and WeissCANNON strings in their annual String Selector Map?” The short and direct response is because we […]

What a week! – We coined the term “Tennis Tweetspot”

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It’s been a whirlwind. We have set up our Twitter account and are tweeting away, but apparently many of our customers are not yet into the whole Twitter scene. We believe the content of our tweets may be interesting to our serious customers and thus have added our TWEETS to this very blog!!! The 5 […]

Just Bend Over.

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I can’t even begin to describe how frequently I see this particular wear pattern on the headguard of racquets. Most frequently it is observed on the frames of junior players. I suspect if you are a racquet stringer you have seen it too. In my shop I have several juniors who regularly wear through the […]

Guts and Glory Tennis – – Now on Facebook

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We freely admit to being social networking newbies.  Last week we spent some time setting up our personal facebook site and an interesting phenomena occurred.  Several of our local stringing customers requested us to befriend them online. As we became more familiar with the facebook community we learned that groups existed and we created a […]

Introducing a NEW tennis term…

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At Guts and Glory Tennis, we are avid tennis players as well as racquet technicians.  Today we are extremely proud to unveil a new tennis term that will soon be sweeping the tennis world.  Remember, you heard it here first! “Lobortunity” – (noun) meaning: 1.  An appropriate or favorable time or occasion to lob. 2.  […]

Recycling of topical posts for new readers

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For readers who are new to our blog, we welcome you and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Given the A-Rod story and steroids are back in the news we thought it might be fun to point our readers to a post we made last year in which we confessed to the use of performance […]

Use Tennis to Defeat the Recession Blues

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Let’s face it, without getting political, our country is facing severe financial challenges. Seemingly everywhere we turn the news is grim. Before making a personal career change to the world of tennis entrepreneurship, I served for many years as a career services professional. Yes, my job was to help people in all aspects of a […]

True Confessions of a Tension Loss Snob

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When we first began our stringing business we were desperate to separate our fledgling company from competitors. We sought out to educate ourselves about strings and string products and through this process determined that tension loss was bad, in fact it was down right evil. We quickly jumped on this concept and while fully believing […]

Celebrity Customers???

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This holiday shopping season has generated some interesting orders for Guts and Glory Tennis. We have filled orders for one known celebrity and suspected others. For grins and giggles we thought we would share a list of our suspected and confirmed celebrity clientele. 1. We received an order from an S. Graf using a Las […]

Congratulations A3 City Champions!

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Did you know my wife is a tennis hero? It is absolutely true. Read on… Congratulations to the A3 ALTA City Champions! What a thrilling City Finals event and unlikely playoff run for this group of terrific players from Montvale Swim and Racquet Club. The unlikely journey began because depending on the number of divisions, […]

Design Kudos

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Guts and Glory Tennis recently had the pleasure of working with a local graphic artist on a project related to one of our products. The artist was Brandon of eyefly Design. Brandon was EXCELLENT to work with. Professional, prompt, attentive, creative, thorough and he delivered a terrific final product for us. His rates are reasonable […]

Rear Ended!

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My most sincere apologies go out to two of my favorite local stringing customers, David and Marcia, for they would have won our tennis division and the prestigious bag tag but for my butt. In Atlanta we are fortunate to have massively large tennis leagues. The largest is an organization known as ALTA, the Atlanta […]

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