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Proudly PRINCE!

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Starting February 20, 2021 we are delighted to announce we will become an official Prince Tennis Dealer…YOUR OFFICIAL PRINCE DEALER! How did this happen? What does this mean? Read on… For the past several years, Prince Tennis has been in a tailspin. Spiraling downward since the introduction of the port design frames when nearly their […]

Ode to the Mono

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Very little information is available online about the Prince Precision Mono, one of the coolest racquets ever produced. It is entirely possible this racquet was introduced years ahead of it’s time. The tennis world just wasn’t ready, and still isn’t ready, for a radical retro paradigm shift back to the monoshaft design. Still, this is […]

The most biased, politically incorrect and completely over-the-top racquet review–EVER! (And it is ALL TRUE!…well, mostly true)

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As soon as I began warming up the first time with the Donnay demo that had been sitting in my bag waiting its turn for a playtest, I could sense something very special was about to go down.  In this case it was my league tennis opponent who went down…hard…extremely hard…whimpering off the court kinda […]

Playing MANTIS!

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Several weeks ago we were proudly adding great-playing racquets that were arm-friendly to our inventory.  We did extensive playtesting and brought in a large selection of Donnay frames and a few from Pacific.  We were ecstatic (and still are!) about these terrific additions to offer our customers.  As we were finalizing our plans to carry […]

Donnay Frames now available!

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We are extremely proud to introduce Donnay as the first line of racquets Guts and Glory Tennis has made available directly to our local and online customers. We chose Donnay as the first line of frames we are making available to our customers  for two main reasons.  1.  The performance aspects of the frame are […]

Your New Source for Arm Friendly Racquets

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Located in the heart of Suwanee, GA at 333 Main Street, tennis players will find a friendly family-run tennis business with a passion for providing local tennis players the absolute best in racquet services.  When our shoppe opened in fall 2011, it served as  showroom for our online tennis gift products and a friendly stringing […]

Arm-friendly tennis racquets

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Customers and those who frequent our web resources are acutely aware of our desire to help educate customers about equipment related tennis elbow.  We have frequently blogged about both healthy and unhealthy strings as well as racquet frames.  As a result we get a number of email and telephone questions about arm-friendly equipment.  One of […]

The Natural Racquet – Dear Diary Pt. 3

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Since our last entry, bad weather has prevented us from significant play time.  However, we have been able to get out for a couple of hitting sessions and feel it is time to update our experiences with the playtesting of this racquet. First…local customers please take note, Guts and Glory Tennis now has demos of […]

The Natural Racquet – Dear Diary pt. 2

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Tonight was the first live action with The Natural racquet.  As promised in the previous entry, I am going to use this blog as as a diary to fully document my personal journey of discovery with this racquet. The night began with my teammates laughing hysterically at the silly looking racquet.  I could have cared […]

The Natural Tennis Racquet – A Diary

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It has been several weeks since our last blog entry.  Our customers have been excellent to us during these difficult economic times and we have been blessed to continue growing.  The downside of growth is there is less time to devote to non-essential business functions such as blogging.  2010 will likely find fewer blog entries […]

Looking for a new racquet? Now could be the time to buy!

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With racquet manufacturers announcing new models for 2010, now could be the best time to score a terrific deal on a current model racquet.  Technology that just a few short months ago was being touted as the most advanced in the world is either currently on sale or will be soon.  If you are in […]

Dear Prince…

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I realize that I have been hard on you, leveraging some fairly significant criticisms in recent blog entries. The purpose of today’s post is to issue a KUDO. That’s right, I am about to say something nice. Today I examined the new EXO3 Classic for the first time. It appears as if the channels on […]

Just Bend Over.

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I can’t even begin to describe how frequently I see this particular wear pattern on the headguard of racquets. Most frequently it is observed on the frames of junior players. I suspect if you are a racquet stringer you have seen it too. In my shop I have several juniors who regularly wear through the […]

Design flaw, incompetence or conspiracy at Prince?

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Sometimes you just have to wonder. Prince, claiming to be the company to produce the most technologically advanced racquets on the planet seems to continually fall short. In previous years technologies that were not ready for prime time were rushed to the market. The grommetless Air series is an example. Strings shanking all over the […]

Who’s Stringing Your Prince “Port-Style” Racquet?

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Prince tennis has long been an innovator in racquet design. Tennis players throughout the world have flocked to the new design that Prince refers to as O Ports and Speed Ports. What most tennis players do not know is that ALL of the new Prince “port” frames that have ports located on the 3 and […]

We are Different!

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Guts and Glory Tennis is a different kind of company. We stand out from the competition in a variety of ways. We are not afraid to objectively test new products and we are often the first to bring them to market. Another key difference is our extreme commitment to provide quality products and services to […]

Kneissl Black Star

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In an effort to continue locating the safest and most arm friendly racquets for those suffering from tennis elbow, we have just received the Kneissl Black Star for playtesting purposes. The specs on this racquet fill a void between the lighter weight, yet head heavy PowerAngle racquets and the heavier Avery racquets. The Kneissl Black […]

Power Angle – “Going Diagonal”

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PowerAngle RACQUETS “Go Diagonal!” No gimmicks here. An innovative design that actually stands up to the claims being made. PowerAngle racquets have been specifically designed so the diagonal string pattern allows for a more uniform string length. The more uniform length has been proven to reduce harmful shock and is great for players seeking a […]

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