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Tennis Elbow – Our New Approach

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For more than 10 years, Guts and Glory Tennis has taken a keen interest in helping tennis players, both local and distance, who have been experiencing arm discomfort. We’ve seen A LOT, learned A LOT… AND we’ve helped HUNDREDS of players find a solution and resume playing free of pain.  We want to help even more players […]

Sweet Spotter Sweetness.

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Last week I received an email message from a colleague in Germany.  He asked me “why don’t you carry the Sweet Spotter?”  My response was “what is a Sweet Spotter?” and that is how my newest journey began… Within minutes I was dialing up Mr. Google to see what the heck my friend was talking […]

Your New Source for Arm Friendly Racquets

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Located in the heart of Suwanee, GA at 333 Main Street, tennis players will find a friendly family-run tennis business with a passion for providing local tennis players the absolute best in racquet services.  When our shoppe opened in fall 2011, it served as  showroom for our online tennis gift products and a friendly stringing […]

An arm-friendly poly hybrid? This Physical Therapist thinks so…

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Below is a recently received review for the new WeissCANNON Dual Reality.  Currently available at introductory pricing from Guts and Glory Tennis! I am a Physical therapist of 25 yrs who has treated many weekend warriors who write Vamos on their sneakers and string their rackets with hybrid or poly strings only to be reminded […]

GGT Extra’s “Elbow Friendly” Racquets – 2011

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THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED!  PLEASE VIEW OUR NEW PIECE RELATED TO ARM-FRIENDLY RACQUETS HERE! Last year we posted a blog entry that drew heavy traffic, conversation and views through the course of the year.  Many have asked us to reprise that entry with an updated list to reflect current models.  We have been waiting […]

Arm-friendly tennis racquets

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Customers and those who frequent our web resources are acutely aware of our desire to help educate customers about equipment related tennis elbow.  We have frequently blogged about both healthy and unhealthy strings as well as racquet frames.  As a result we get a number of email and telephone questions about arm-friendly equipment.  One of […]

Ranting about tennis elbow

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This week we have been sending a barrage of tweets in regard to our complete and total disgust with tennis racquet manufacturers and retailers.  They are either oblivious to the impact of manufacturing and selling frames with unhealthy specs, (in terms of tennis elbow), or they just don’t care. I fear it may be the […]

Bluetooth to cure tennis elbow?

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The concept sounds kind of wild, doesn’t it? However, upon closer examination, maybe it isn’t so far fetched…if viewed in the correct context. Ultimately when tennis players experience elbow tenderness, the initial action to take is to look for and hypothesize the actual cause. In some cases the cause can be technique related. In others, […]

We are Different!

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Guts and Glory Tennis is a different kind of company. We stand out from the competition in a variety of ways. We are not afraid to objectively test new products and we are often the first to bring them to market. Another key difference is our extreme commitment to provide quality products and services to […]

Power Angle – “Going Diagonal”

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PowerAngle RACQUETS “Go Diagonal!” No gimmicks here. An innovative design that actually stands up to the claims being made. PowerAngle racquets have been specifically designed so the diagonal string pattern allows for a more uniform string length. The more uniform length has been proven to reduce harmful shock and is great for players seeking a […]

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