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New breakthrough in racquet customization…

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Cork.  Major league baseball players have been using it for years to enhance their hitting performance.  It is illegal in baseball, but to date, there is NOTHING in the rules and regulations of tennis to prevent it from being used.  Guts and Glory Tennis has been experimenting with integrating cork into many of today’s modern […]

New string = more spin than ever…GUARANTEED!

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Guts and Glory Tennis is thrilled to unveil an innovative string product guaranteed to produce more spin than you have ever experienced or 2x your money back! For the past 4.5 years, Dr. Lars Lufferington, a German born chemist and engineer, has dedicated his life and family fortune to the pursuit and development of what […]

The “Iron Mike” Turkey Fryer

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the highly innovative folks from Ronco, are about to unleash an all out infomercial assault.  Ron Popeil refers to the Iron Mike Turkey Fryer as “the most significant impact product ever introduced from the Ronco stable.” An impressive declaration from the man […]

Dishing the dirt…leaked excerpts from Agassi’s new book.(?)

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Last week the tennis world was dealt an unexpected surprise as Andre Agassi’s publisher released a disturbing preview of Agassi’s autobiography.  It seems that one of the world’s most beloved players was a frequent user of crystal methamphetamine in the late 1990’s. Our crack research staff has uncovered a source who claims to have met […]

Top unreported 2009 US Open stories

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The 2009 US Open came to a close yesterday.  Arguably the most dramatic and unpredictable event in tournament history.  The feel good story of Kim Clijsters was nearly eclipsed by the stunning upset of Roger Federer by Juan Martin Del Potro.  We will fondly remember the run of the upstart American, Melanie Oudin as well […]

USTA warns players against using Twitter – Seriously?

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The USTA has spoken. “Thou Shall Not Tweet!”  (Or at least tweet responsibly) What’s the true motivation behind this mandate?  We can only speculate, but speculate we will. 1.  Shot-Spot is jealous.  Not wanting to share the technology spotlight, Shot-Spot has threatened to go on strike if too many fans and players are making use […]

Guest Editorial: Brooklyn Decker

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“Roger Federer is destroying my love life!” I am sure many of your blog readers and tennis fans may not recognize me as the wife of Andy Roddick, but may know me as the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covergirl.  It’s weird, in spite of the exposure,  I regularly attend tennis tournaments under the cloak of […]

The Sultry Allure of our German tennis strings. (Warning PG-13 Blog Entry Ahead)

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Playing with new strings, properly strung, should be a delightful experience for all levels of tennis players.  However, playing with our exclusive offerings from MSV and WeissCANNON takes this to an entirely different level.  In fact, our string offerings are so pleasurable there is only one adjective that could possibly come close to accurately describing […]

MxD Season – some random thoughts to share.

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It’s almost here. MxD season is about to begin in Atlanta’s premiere doubles league, ALTA. Many of my like-gender friends do not look forward to MxD, but I do. I may go so far as to say I enjoy it even more than men’s doubles. Why? Well, the food at the matches takes a huge […]

Dear Manny…

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Dear Manny, Thank you for taking time to visit our blog site. We understand for the next couple of months you will be seeking some sort of diversion until you can return to the diamond. We have a suggestion for you. Why not join our owner and founder, John, for some tennis doubles action? There […]

First again!

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Guts and Glory Tennis is thrilled to unveil a new string product that will absolutely revolutionize the entire industry. For the past 5 years, Dr. Lars Lufferington, a Swedish chemist and engineer, has dedicated his life and family fortune to the pursuit and development of what he proudly calls “the greatest tennis string in the […]

Celebrity Customers???

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This holiday shopping season has generated some interesting orders for Guts and Glory Tennis. We have filled orders for one known celebrity and suspected others. For grins and giggles we thought we would share a list of our suspected and confirmed celebrity clientele. 1. We received an order from an S. Graf using a Las […]

Rear Ended!

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My most sincere apologies go out to two of my favorite local stringing customers, David and Marcia, for they would have won our tennis division and the prestigious bag tag but for my butt. In Atlanta we are fortunate to have massively large tennis leagues. The largest is an organization known as ALTA, the Atlanta […]

Monica Seles: Dancing Queen

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Oh Monica…Please, say it isn’t so! I just want to remember you as the brilliant young woman who dominated woman’s tennis and literally changed the sport by blasting two-handed groundies at wicked angles past all comers. You were the first pure power hitter in woman’s tennis. When the going got tough, you coolly responded by […]

Full Disclosure (Sorry Mom!)

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The Bud Collins Report is scheduled to come out later this year and it will blow the lid off of steroid use in recreational and league tennis. As I sit here preparing this blog entry, I do so with a heavy heart and an extra large box of tissues, for I have learned my name […]

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