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Email Q & A

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We get many email questions pertaining to issues related to strings, stringing and tennis elbow.  Since we get similar questions we thought it might be a good idea to post some of the more common questions using our blog as well as our responses.  Our goal is simple.  To provide additional information that people with […]

Should poly-based strings be prestretched?

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Today’s blog topic comes from a frequently asked question received via email and telephone from our customers.  We are often asked about prestretching poly-based strings.  While there are varying opinions on the topic, our position is resoundingly firm.  “Poly-based strings should NOT be prestretched.” Because poly-based strings offer excellent durability from friction wear, the perception […]

What do terms “poly” and “copoly” really mean?

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For those who have been following us for years, you may have made use of our “Racquety-Yak” Message Board.  With the advent of the “Racquety-Yak” Blog, we have found discussion board participation declining, even though views have increased.  In a decision designed to better serve the needs of our users by consolidating information and also […]

Email updates now available!

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For those of you not wanting to miss any exciting updates, especially the “Secret Sales,” we invite you to subscribe to our blog. Earlier in the day we had a customer contact us and asked “how can I be notified via email when your blog is updated?” We did some checking and located a free […]

Are Poly-Based strings more powerful than synthetics?

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We are frequently asked about the inherent power of strings. Some people believe that poly and poly-based strings offer greater power than synthetics and some believe they offer more power than natural gut. Is this belief true or false? The belief that poly and poly-based strings are more powerful is 100% false, however there is […]

Copoly Hybrids – How to Choose a Cross String

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Each week we receive questions from customers seeking advice about hybrid string setups, specifically with poly-based strings. This post seeks to provide a general guide to those who are considering a poly-based hybrid. Generally the first decision to make is whether to use the poly-based strings as the main or the cross. The answer to […]

Customer Question. RE: Topspin and WC Comparison

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Q: Hi, John, The SilverString has been a good experience. Before purchasing a reel, I wanted to compare it to Cyber Flash or Cyber Power. My understanding is that Cyber Power, in addition to more power than Cyber Flash, has better tension maintenance. Is this true? And what else can you tell me about these […]

Customer Question. RE: WC Scorpion

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A local stringing customer proposed the following question to us today. It is an excellent question and we believe others can benefit from the question as well as our response. Q: My son is currently using WeissCANNON Scorpion and he loves it. However, my husband wants to know what is the next step up? A: […]

Q & A

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Welcome Y’all! The Guts and Glory Tennis Blog, “Racquety-Yak” aspires to be helpful, friendly, informative and interactive. Toward that end we invite you to post in any of our categories and we will attempt to share our expertise with you. The great thing about the blog is that you will also be able to read […]

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