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Welcome Y’all! The Guts and Glory Tennis Blog, “Racquety-Yak” aspires to be helpful, friendly, informative and interactive. Toward that end we invite you to post in any of our categories and we will attempt to share our expertise with you. The great thing about the blog is that you will also be able to read a collection of opinions and thoughts on a variety of tennis topics. When you post a question in this category we will respond to the best of our ability for you and you may get some additional useful feedback from your fellow bloggers as well.  ENJOY!!!

12 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. DJ on said:

    Question: Why are the Speedport string hole inserts rated as more powerful than the port inserts? It would seem to me that the ports offer more of a trampoline/lovely effect and thereby create more power.


  2. JY on said:


    I was not aware that Speedport inserts were rated as more powerful. What is your source for this??

    In theory the Speedports offer greater aerodynamic properties which in turn allow for increased bat speed. Perhaps the power POTENTIAL is higher with the Speedports, rather than actual power.

    There are many factors that come into play when calculating the power of a frame. Stiffer frames are generally more powerful than flexible frames. Extra length, even as little as 1/4″, allows for more power. Weight plays a factor as does balance. Usually heavier frames are more powerful in nature than light frames. Also the type of string being used as well as the tension can factor into the overall power level of a frame.

    IMO the Speedport vs. O Port is a lesser factor when looking at power level as opposed to the factors mentioned above.

  3. DJ on said:

    My source is the tennis magazine web-site. If you go the the “Gear” section there is a racquet finder option.

    It shows the ratings from the USRSA and Babolat (I think). The Speedport Black has the string hole inserts as significantly more powerful than the port inserts. It did not make any sense to me. I want to buy the Long Body version.

  4. JY on said:

    If you look at the specs you will see that the weight and the swingweight increase slightly with the port inserts installed. Using the USRSA power formula, this also increases the power rating. As I said in the previous post, weight and swingweight can influence power level. It is not an issue of Speedport vs. OPort, but rather one of Speedport with or without the insert. With the insert the racquet will offer slightly more power. Honestly when the USRSA power rating is within 150 – 250 points, most recreational and league players will be hard pressed to detect a power level difference. I would argue the power level difference is insignificant in this case.

  5. DJ on said:

    Great. Thanks for the info!

  6. Dan on said:


    I’m happy to see the information you have on your site about laserfibre. I agree that they have good strings. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on LaserFibre stringing machines. I purchased one and have been happy with it. What machines do you use at G&G?

    • ggtennis on said:


      We currently do the bulk of our stringing with a Babolat Star 5. We do own a LaserFibre MS 200TT which we use for PowerAngle racquets and badminton racquets. It is also our road stringer for on-site stringing.

      LaserFibre has new machines. I have not seen them and cannot comment on the quality. I hope you get many years of enjoyment and excellent service out of yours!

      Effective 2009, we will no longer be carrying or promoting LaserFibre products.

  7. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I own three rackets. I am trying to figure out which one to use. These asremy thoughts

    Babolat Aeroprodrive GT-
    Pros- topspin, maneuvarable, racket speed
    Cons-slice, serve

    Yonex RDIS 100 MP
    Pros- stable,serve, slice, control
    (This racket will be replaced in 2011)

    Yonex RDIS 200 MP
    Pros- Serve, topspin
    cons-weight, though it feels lighter than 100

    I am a baseliner and like to use topspin and slice, not much of a flat hitter.

    How does one determine which racket to use if all the rackets have pros and cons?

  8. ggtennis on said:

    What level are you? If you are a 4.0 or lower, I would argue at that level most matches are won by the player who makes the fewest errors. Since you list “Control” as a strength for the Yonex RDIS 100, that is the stick I might choose. With control you can direct your shots, run your opponent and force errors. Weight is approx. 11.8 oz…with a swingweight in the 320’s. Those are specs that most teens can easily handle, if you are an adult, I would imagine you will get used to the weight which really should not be too much.

    If you are above 4.0, what is your biggest weapon? Use the racquet that makes this weapon as lethal as possible.

    Those are the first thoughts that come to mind. Hope they are of some assistance.

    PS If you are not happy with any of the 3 choices, keep demoing…there many great options out there. Also remember that string selection and tension also figures into the equation.

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      I am a 4.5 player, adult and pretty strong. My topspin with the forehand is my biggest weapon. Friends of mine say that the ball jumps alot because of the topspin, so I like this about my game and the Aeropro helps in this regard.

      On the contrary, the RDIS 100 is a different animal as I can place my shots and with placement and strategy end the point.

      The Aeropro feels more natural and adjusts better to my strokes, but the stability and control of the Yonex RDIS 100 could be better. The 200 falls midway between the two.

      It is a hard decision. Let’s see…

  9. ggtennis on said:

    At 4.5 it is hard to win without a weapon. It is also hard to win if you make too many errors. If the Babolat feels more natural and offers your weaponry the greatest advantage, then the decision seems simple. The trouble with the Babs is they sometimes lack control…hence the nickname “Back alot” (A play on babolat).

    Make a choice, commit to it and don’t keep switching. That is the only way to give it a fair chance. Good luck!

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      The decision wil be:

      a) Use the best weapon, say a big, topspin forehand with the Babolat to create winners and feel as the king of the world


      b) Use the Yonex to build a weapon based on overall, consistent game with japanese precision.

      Both feel right, that is why it is difficult to decide. Different styles but both effective.

      Possibly, if I could practice more than I do it would be easier but with a full time job and being a father of two young childen, sometimes there is not enough time to practice as I would desire. For me practice is essential to get my timing and game where I want and thus appreciate the qualities of the racket to the full extent.

      Maybe in my next life I’ll be a tennis pro and have more time to solve these issues, who knows.

      For now and in my present life, I hope I can decide soon and play the best I can!


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