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Customer Question. RE: Topspin and WC Comparison

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Q: Hi, John, The SilverString has been a good experience. Before purchasing a reel, I wanted to compare it to Cyber Flash or Cyber Power. My understanding is that Cyber Power, in addition to more power than Cyber Flash, has better tension maintenance. Is this true? And what else can you tell me about these strings? Your thoughts are most appreciated! Thanks! – Dave

A: The Topspin copoly strings you mention, IMO, are decent strings. You get solid performing strings at reasonable prices.

The CyberFlash is a stiffer string and while not nearly as stiff as ALU, many choose to use it as a less expensive alternative to the ALU. CyberFlash does a decent job of holding tension and playing properties. While it outlasts many of the older copolys, I would rate it as “competitive, but not necessarily the leader” when compared to the newer versions on the market. Initial loss is not bad and it holds well for the first 8 – 12 hours of play. At that point a dip in performance becomes noticeable to many, but not all.

The CyberPower as you have correctly read, is much livelier. It offers greater comfort and while the initial tension loss is very similar to other copolys, including CyberFlash, it tends to hold playing properties a bit longer. Most won’t note a performance slip until 12 – 15 or more hours of play. Even then, the rate at which performance declines is acceptable. No cliff diving with this string.

Other than that it is hard to compare the two Topspin offerings. I would be more inclined to introduce the CyberFlash to customers who have used copolys like ALU, Hurricane, etc., and are seeking a lower cost and a better overall performing alternative. If this will be the first time with a copoly, I would be more likely to introduce them to the CyberPower as it offers comfort more similar to synthetics. It is powerful and I do not drop the tension with this one.

The WeissCANNON Silverstring, by comparison, is a different animal. It is targeting the advanced player who has some experience with copolys and whose game is fine-tuned enough to feel and appreciate the quality difference you get with premium strings. It is a luxurious copolymer that tops the performance and satisfaction charts. Best of all it costs less than most of the so called “premium” copolys out there while offering superior performance.

The bottom line is all 3 are excellent choices. It just depends what you are seeking as all 3 will most likely appeal to different groups of players.

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