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Customer Question. RE: WC Scorpion

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A local stringing customer proposed the following question to us today. It is an excellent question and we believe others can benefit from the question as well as our response.

Q: My son is currently using WeissCANNON Scorpion and he loves it. However, my husband wants to know what is the next step up?

A: The WeissCANNON line of tennis strings are premium in nature. They may cost slightly more than many competing brands, but our customers will tell you the quality difference is evident. In short, WeissCANNON strings are top of the line and it is difficult to find superior products. Your son is already playing with a top-of-the line power copolymer.

Specifically the Scorpion is a powerful copolymer that provides excellent comfort. In terms of powerful copolymers, we have not found any better product currently available. The Topspin CyberPower is an excellent string, perhaps even a bit more powerful, but while it is good, it is hard to say definitively that it is superior. The Scorpion and CyberPower are clearly the top 2 strings in the power copolymer category. Honorable mention to the Signum Pro Poly Deluxe and Pro Supex Big Ace which also fall into this same category of copolymer. We do not however find them to be superior to the WeissCANNON Scorpion.

The WeissCANNON Silverstring is the benchmark by which many comfort copolymers should be measured, but it is not as lively as the Scorpion. It is consistent and excellent in all areas, but it plays differently and fills a different niche than the Scorpion.

7 thoughts on “Customer Question. RE: WC Scorpion

  1. John Raattama on said:

    Using Scorpion for a cross string and natural gut for the mains, at what tension would you suggest I string the Scorpion at. I have a 100sq ” raquet.

    • ggtennis on said:

      Impossible question to answer because it will vary according to what you are trying to achieve. In general I suspect some players may enjoy the Scorpion a couple pounds lower than the gut, but again, this will vary according to many factors.

  2. tony on said:

    so i have been using a hybrid of scorpion and focus hex on my volkl dnx 8. took me a little while to get use to these new strings but i think i am almost there. i use the focus on the mains and scorpion on the crosses. i know that the mains has the greatest affect on the ball, but would it be better to have it strung the way i have it or the other way around, meaning scorpion for mains and focux for crosses? I wouldn’t call myself a flat ball hitter or a heavy topspin player, but i do have appreciation for spin.

  3. ggtennis on said:

    If you use the Focus Hex in the crosses, you are effectively nullifying the added spin you gain from the texture of the string. Focus Hex only enhances spin when used in the mains. That said, the Scorpion is a bit softer and livelier so the feel would be a bit more plush and spin could still be generated. The great thing about tennis equipment is that it can be adjusted to the desires of the player. What plays great for you may not work for another player and vice versa. But who really cares if your opponents like or dislike your setup? What matters most is what works for YOU!

  4. tony on said:

    tell me about it. i took the focus hex and the scorpion to the local tennis shop to have them string it for me cuz the stringing machine that i use is not mines and its my friend’s and he is not in the area right now. anyhow, he was not familiar with these strings and felt like these poly-based strings would just be too stiff and kill my arm. like i mentioned before, i have always used prince synthetic duraflex and pro blend. they were good strings but i felt like they were too stiff so i didnt think these poly-based strings would be more stiff based on the reviews. to my surprise, these new strings were soft and i feel think my shots have more power and spin [thats what my opponent said] once i got used to it. with the extra topspin, my opponent was pushed well behind the based line, which allowed me to dictate rallies. i was thinking of switching the mains and crosses but i guess since im doing well with this setup, i will stick with it. i have two volkl dnx 8, so i will string the other racquet with scorpions on the crosses and signum pro tornado on the mains. is tornado and focux hex similar? who should i expect some adjustments going from one racquet to another?

  5. ggtennis on said:

    Tornado when used as a hybrid in the mains will likely provide slightly less spin, but it will be marginal. The Tornado will hold tension a bit better and offer a similar feel. What type of change are you seeking?

  6. tony on said:

    i wasnt looking for any dramatic change but some extra pop doesnt hurt


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