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FREE Racquet Stringing!

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For a limited time Guts and Glory Tennis is offering FREE racquet stringing for our local customers. (Yes, restrictions apply…please read on.)

You might be saying, “Geez, that does not seem like a very sound business plan.” You’d be incorrect. There is a method behind this madness.

As an industry leader in identifying and introducing new string products to the USA, we are constantly receiving and assessing new string products. We need to identify additional playtesters to assist us in weeding out the superior from the average. Toward this end we are willing to provide free string and stringing in exchange for your thoughts and feedback on the test string.

We are seeking experienced players of all levels. We prefer to have playtesters test strings for us in their area of expertise. In other words, if you play with solid core synthetic gut strings, we want you to playtest new solid core synthetic gut offerings. If you play with copolymer hybrids, we want you to playtest new copolymer hybrids. You get the picture.

Those strings receiving high marks will then be playtested by others and eventually our in-house staff. We will then decide whether the string possesses the necessary qualities for us to offer it to our local and national customers. We are very finicky and only offer strings that meet our high performance standards of excellence.

So, if you are seeking some free strings expertly installed and are open to new experiences why not give playtesting a try? We obviously can not guarantee the quality of test strings, but they will be installed by our most experienced technician. Some will be surprisingly good and others may just suck for air. We simply won’t know until they are tested.

If interested, please contact us. Obviously this is a limited offer. We can only select a few playtesters to participate with us. We do not offer pick-up and drop-off service for playtesters. You will need to get your racquet to us and pick it up from us. We also can not guarantee 24 hour service as our paying customers will receive first priority. However, if you have worked with us in the past, you will know that we will probably turn them around in 24 hours or faster, even though it can not be guaranteed. We can guarantee to turn it around faster than any of the Big Boxes.

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