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Our local stringing business is known for offering fast and convenient racquet pickup and delivery service. We provide this service to customers who reside in a certain delivery area.

Yesterday we provided pickup service for one of our customers who recently moved into a local gated community. We went to the gate, picked up our entrance pass and proceeded to be impressed by the gorgeous homes that surrounded a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Three of the racquets we picked up yesterday were for a high school player who needed his racquets returned this afternoon. Today, I returned to the gate and asked the guard to allow me to pass through to return the racquets. My request was denied! I showed the guard my pass from the previous day. Did not matter. I showed the racquets with the name and address of the resident. Denied again! I explained to the guard that the racquets belonged to a resident and they were needed in a few hours. Again, he refused to allow me to enter. I attempted to reason through the situation with him. He didn’t respond well to this tactic. I then challenged him to use common sense and make a decision in the best interest of a resident of his community. He would have none of it. My entrance was rudely denied.

Now, let’s face it, I am not one who bears a resemblance to a thug, thief or vagabond. My red Honda Accord is not exactly a Hummer or a Lexus, but it is perfectly clean and has a nice shine from being waxed 2x per year. I made it extremely clear that I would be in and out in a matter of minutes. The guard even remembered me from yesterday, when I entered and left without incident. He just simply refused to allow me to enter the community because my customer did not inform him I was coming back today and thus my name was not on his list.

All I was asking for was a little common sense. Just an iota would do nicely. Unfortunately, the guard who was clearly on a petty power trip, behaved in a manner that was completely unreasonable. It is shocking that a prestigious community such Edinburgh in Suwanee (Bear’s Best!) would employ people who are incapable of rational decision making with seemingly minimal customer service skills.

In this case it turned out my customer was greatly inconvenienced because he had to travel a total of 20+ miles out of his way to meet me on the other side of town to retrieve his son’s racquets so they could be used when needed. If the guard had used a wee bit of common sense all parties would be happy and there would be no blog entry questioning his competence. Next time I head to that neighborhood, I will take my camera and if it is the same guard is on duty, I will take a picture so it can be displayed in full glory along with this blog entry.

Okay, now I feel better. Onward!

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