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Several of our customers have contacted us recently inquiring about the newest, latest and greatest.  We are known for being the first to introduce new string products to the USA.  Indeed we have been the first to introduce many outstanding string products.  As a result, we are continually receiving samples for playtesting.  To be honest, we reject many more than we choose to select.  In order to make a positive impression the string must possess excellent ability to hold playing properties and tension.  It also must either offer something different than the strings we currently carry or it must offer something similar at a lower cost.

Here’s the newest that have us excited in random order.

MSV Focus EVO – The playtests for this new copolymer have been excellent.  It will be a nice addition to the MSV lineup.  We look for this string to arrive in early May when it will be available in 40′ sets.  It will not be available in reels until later this summer.  The string will come in 1.20, 1.25 and 1.30 diameters.

WeissCANNON Repulse – A new copolymer from WeissCANNON.  This will be the thinnest offering from WeissCANNON.  It will be available in a 1.13mm version and the color will be white.  Play is similar to the Phaenomen, which is a co-poly hybrid produced by WeissCANNON.  We expect this string to be available later in summer 2008.

WeissCANNON Explosiv! – A new multifiber string.  We are anxious to playtest this string.  German playtests have been raving about this new multi that is constructed with 1250 ultra-thin twisted fibers. We have been told there is very little string movement, the string is proving to be quite durable.  Performance wise it is being described as “gut-like play with incredible elasticity.”  Easy to string with no notching.  This string should be available later in summer 2008.

No Frills Black Knight – This is a new generation copolymer that we are currently testing from an independent string dealer in Germany.  If playtests continue to go well, we MAY make this string available as part of our No Frills series of affordable copolymer strings.  Not sure about this one, but it is promising so we decided to include it in this blog entry.

So there you have it.  The most promising NEW string introductions for 2008.  Brought to you exclusively from your friends at Guts and Glory Tennis.

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