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Our stringing Kung Fu is very strong!

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Bear in mind, stringing customers who venture outside of the friendly confines of Guts and Glory Tennis seem to always find their way home. Just this week we had 3 former customers confess to going elsewhere for racquet stringing. Saving a few $’s by giving their racquets to an independent local basement stringer, literally stringing at basement prices, seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately for them, they soon discovered the racquet wasn’t playing the same. Why?

It could be any number of reasons, but the common denominator is quality. From our knowledge of Atlanta’s highest quality string collection to our top quality equipment, to our anal pursuit of perfection, it is hard to duplicate our magic. As the kids would say, our stringing Kung-Fu is very strong!

We welcome all former customers back with open arms. We understand the temptation to save a few dollars is a well-baited trap, but the quality we provide is worth the cost. Keep in mind, our costs remain lower than most local tennis specialty shops while we offer a superior string selection and vastly superior service.

In addition to welcoming several customers back this week we also welcomed back one of our juniors. Her case is interesting. Her father purchased a stringing machine in order to string her racquets and save some money. As it turns out this little tournament dynamo prefers to have her racquets strung at Guts and Glory Tennis. “Thanks Dad, but I like the racquet better when John strings it…plus I win more!” Like we said, our stringing Kung-Fu is very strong.

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