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The newest offerings from WeissCANNON arrived yesterday and we will begin playtesting this week.

The first is generating a great deal of excitement at Guts and Glory Tennis. It is a brand new multifilament. Constructed with over 1000 ultra thin, high elastic fibers and a special resin coating. We are hoping this string will provide an alternative for those who like the soft nature of strings like Wilson NXT and Technifibre NRG. The new string comes with an ultra-cool name, EXPLOSIV!. Like all WeissCANNON products, this is a premium string designed specifically for players who seek premium performance from their tennis strings. We will blog about the results of our playtests as they become available. The prospects are exciting to us!

The second string that we will be playtesting is a brand new poly based string called Repulse. This string offers the thinnest gauge in the WeissCANNON family of poly based strings. It comes in at a svelte 1.13mm. It is designed as a comfort poly that soft hitting players will appreciate and enjoy. Be watching our blog for the playtest results and information on future availability!

2 thoughts on “Now Playing…

  1. repulsive on said:

    What happened to the playtest of the REPULSE?

  2. ggtennis on said:

    The Repulse was strung up at the same time as the Explosiv! The idea was to conduct a joint playtest. Because the Explosiv! was so engaging and continues to monopolize our playtest time, we have not been able to complete our full Repulse playtest.

    We did get approximately 4 – 6 hours of play on our playtest set and the playability was nothing less than you would expect from a premium quality WeissCANNON poly-based string offering. It did not stand out to us like the Explosiv!, but then again, not much does. We will give the Repulse a full playtest in the coming months. The tension maintenance was decent with an 8% overnight tension loss and a loss of approx. 13% after 19 days and 3 hours of play. Again, we need to restring and conduct a full playtest, but we are desperately trying to either break or lose playability in our Explosiv! playtest which has become the longest playtest we have ever conducted.


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