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WeissCANNON Explosiv!- Freakishly Good.

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Early reviews from the newest offering from WeissCANNON Explosiv! reveal the string is not only a top-quality multi, but it is literally a freak of nature! In all our years of playtesting we have never been as surprised by the performance of a string as we have been with the new Explosiv!. We came into the playtest with much higher expectations than normal and when this is the case we are most often let down. In this case, we have been shocked and surprised that our expectations have been exceeded.

The string was installed last week in our Kneissl Black Star at 67 pounds. At the time of installation the DT reading was 45 on our ERT 700. Like all multis we expected a significant tension loss (10 – 16% overnight). We did not prestretch this string (we normally give all synthetics a prestretch) because we wanted to generate tension loss measurements without a prestretch for the first set and with a prestretch on the second set. The day the strings were installed we hit with it for 1.5 hours. The next day, approx. 24 hours after stringing, the DT reading shocked us with a reading of 43. Huh? Is this possible??? After a week and 4.5 hours of play the DT reading is still at an INCREDIBLE 42. This makes no sense to us as we have never had a premium multi that is not laser treated hold tension like this. The Explosiv! is a freak of nature. Our intent is string another set in the coming weeks and recheck meaurements, but so far we are beyond pleased with the tension maintenance prowess of this string.

In our racquet (18 mains) we have not experienced any significant string movement. This may be attributed to the tight pattern and high tension. We have also not observed any notching or fraying. We will continue to playtest and watch for these as they are bound to occur.

Performance wise, this string is comfortable…very comfortable. In fact it is the most comfortable string, even at high tensions, that we have ever experienced…including natural gut. We will definitely be suggesting this string for our customers who have sensitive elbows and those seeking to prevent tennis elbow.

The string offers great touch and surprisingly good access to spin. It’s not in the same family as poly-based strings, but the control is excellent and touch around the net is fantastic!!! At the high tension of our initial playtest, the power is very controlled. Less powerful than expected, but the German playtesters are reporting excellent power at lower tensions. In fact many are actually claiming the playability of the string is superior to any string they have tested, including natural gut. (Note:  The German playtesters make this claim.  Not a proclamation we are ready to make at this point.)

We are solidly impressed with the Explosiv! and hope to have it arrive for resale in the next 2 – 3 weeks. This string comes in a 1.30mm, but offers playability closer to what one would expect from a 17ga string…probably due to the high elasticity. Pricing has not yet been finalized, but we believe we will offer an introductory special of $11.90 per set and 660′ reels at $149.90. If you would like to be notified when the newest string in the WeissCANNON Family arrives, please send us an email message and be sure to include your email address.

For additional playtest results please follow this link.

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