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Explosiv! – Providing an update and debunking a myth

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– The WeissCANNON Explosiv! continues to astound us via our extended playtest. Please take a minute to view the amazing results by scrolling down a few listings or following this link.

– A few weeks ago we posted that Explosiv! was encountering a worldwide shortage. As of this posting a new batch has been produced ahead of the original timeline and we do now have a limited supply in stock. We do not foresee any future shortages.

– Please note that the introductory price which was set for the Explosiv! will revert to the original retail price on Wednesday, October 22. Those who purchase sets from Guts and Glory Tennis prior to that point in time will be locked into the introductory pricing or the equivalent after the retail price is set.

– Today we were contacted by a customer who placed an order for the Explosiv! and canceled the order because he read somewhere that the Explosiv! is incapable of generating topspin, a claim with which we disagree and want to address. Below you will find an edited version of the response we provided to this claim.

To claim that Explosiv! does not generate spin conflicts with what we have observed. If you compare the WeissCANNON Explosiv! to the poly-based strings, we would agree that slightly less spin is generated. One of the appealing properties of the poly-based strings is that they aid in spin production. However, if you compare WeissCANNON Explosiv! to other multis on the market the spin is definitely comparable, if not better. I have personally hit with the Explosiv! in a dense pattern (18 x 21) racquet and have been able to generate perfectly acceptable amounts of spin. I notice absolutely no lesser amount of spin potential when compared to other multifil strings. In fact I could argue it is better…here is why.

1. The Explosiv! holds tension PHENOMENALLY well for any string, much less a multi. The fact that it loses so little tension allows it to continue to generate spin and hold onto desirable playing characteristics much longer than other multis.

2. When tensioned the string stretches a great amount. According to the manufacturer, the diameter when tensioned, stretches down to a very svelte 1.18mm – 1.21mm depending upon tension used. This equates to the diameter of the 17L and 18 gauge polys.

In short, we believe the data claiming that the Explosiv! does not allow the user to generate spin is faulty and would challenge the source. The claim simply does not match with our experience, unless it is being compared to a poly-based string. And even it that case, the worse that can be said is that it does not generate quite as much spin as a poly-based string.

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