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1992…Geez that is OLD!!!

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carnac In 1992 Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show for the final time.

Steffi Graf d. Monica Seles in the Wimbledon Finals and Andre Agassi d. Goran Ivanisevic in the same tournament.

Reebok launched it’s Dan vs. Dave commercials leading into the Barcelona Olympics. (One made the US team and the other did not make the team, do you remember?)

Silence of the Lambs wins Oscar for Best Motion Picture.

Popular Movies included: Wayne’s World, Sister Act and The Bodyguard.

Popular US Television Shows included: Rugrats, Home Improvement and Married With Children.

Compac discs surpass cassette tapes as the preferred method for carting prerecorded music.

Mosaic, the first modern web browser, was still in lab development and would not be introduced until 1993.

4 GB of memory carried a price tag of over $500,000 (today it can be found for $25.00)

AND LUXILON introduces the Luxilon ALU tennis string.

Happy Birthday Luxilon ALU! How does it feel to be 17 years old???

During the Australian Open and major tennis events we will once again be inundated with announcers discussing the merits of this revolutionary new string. Trouble is, it is neither revolutionary or new. It’s been around longer than Miley Cyrus has graced the Earth. It plays stiff and dead. (Luxilon, not Miley!) While it does help to create spin and control for the professionals, even they cut it out fast because the playing properties deteriorate quickly.

At Guts and Glory Tennis we recognize the advantages of control and spin that Luxilon strings provide. However, in the context of league and tournament players, Luxilon is simply not the best choice. Instead we prefer strings that incorporate newer technology…perhaps those created in this century!

We have partnered with German manufacturers and developers to bring some of the newest and finest playing poly-based string products (this is the basis of Luxilon ALU) to our customers. Our strings are newer, better and offer the desirable playing characteristics of the old stiff stuff along with many ups and extras!

Be watching our blog as we will soon be unveiling yet another new product as well as exciting pricing information on some of our current products. We are bringing you strings BETTER than those used by touring professionals. So when you hear Patrick, Brad and the gang rambling on about Luxilon, know that we offer products that provide many of the same desirable characteristics, but with superior playability, feel and longevity.

Want to know more? Ask us here and we will respond!

One thought on “1992…Geez that is OLD!!!

  1. Wendell Reeves on said:

    I hit with two customer Vantage Racquets normally strung with Luxilon ALU- Rough @ 60lbs. My local pro-shop strings for all the college level touney player encouraged me to forgo the Luxilon and try a string they sell called T-Bite.

    I look forward to the results of their string but really like the impressive reviews for WeissCannon Explosiv! I am a 4.0 level player who hits 2x a week in my local flex league.


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