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Are Poly-Based strings more powerful than synthetics?

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qmarkWe are frequently asked about the inherent power of strings. Some people believe that poly and poly-based strings offer greater power than synthetics and some believe they offer more power than natural gut. Is this belief true or false? The belief that poly and poly-based strings are more powerful is 100% false, however there is a GIANT “BUT”…read on!

Other than Kevlar, poly and poly-based strings are the lowest powered strings on the market. In general almost all synthetics and natural guts are more powerful in and of themselves. However, taking this information out of context can be misleading.

Because poly and poly-based strings are lower in power, they tend to offer a greater level of control than traditional synthetics. With today’s high-powered frames that the racquet manufacturers continue to introduce, the lower powered strings are much sought after because they can be easier to control and allow the player to keep the ball in the court.

Herein lies the confusion. Because the strings are lower powered, they allow the player to take a much bigger swing. The player can swing harder with these strings and still keep the ball in play. A much enjoyed by-product of the lowered powered strings is their propensity to produce spin. Western grip players can take HUGE CUTS at the ball, (ala Nadal), and still the ball manages to find its way into the court.

The Poly and Poly-based strings are NOT  as powerful, but because the player can swing harder and still keep the ball in play, the power of his/her game INCREASES even though the power of the string itself is lower.

So in some cases lower powered strings can lead to a power increase. However, if the swing speed remains constant, synthetics will provide greater power and more lively response every time. An interesting paradox.

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One thought on “Are Poly-Based strings more powerful than synthetics?

  1. PKS on said:

    loose poly is a dream in a low power racquet . i always seem to play my best matches or sets when my poly or gut poly hybrid is loose and near the end of its life. same thing back when i played with kev hybrid.


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