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A new “Twist” on tennis string technology

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twist bulbFor years the lightbulb has been the universal symbol for a bright and new ideas.  Several years ago, the image of the traditional light bulb was set on its ear as a newer, more efficient light bulb began to emerge.  A bulb with a twisting appearance.  A bulb that would transform the lighting industry.

This year a new construction of poly-based strings emerged.  This latest innovation also relies on twist technology and it could very well be on the precipice of transforming the way we think about tennis strings.  We believe the Gamma Zo Twist was first to the US market, followed closely by our own WeissCANNON Turbotwist, the first book of the bible people (who are barely worth a mention), and most recently the Signum Pro Tornado.

Users take note…not all twist strings are created equal.  While the twisting technology may be similar, the actual properties of the string will determine the quality and overall playability.  For instance, we have playtested the WeissCANNON Turbotwist and found it to be an outstanding product.  It is a string that is hard to classify, but it is very, very good.  It offers a much different experience than all poly-based strings to this point in time.  The feel is comfortable, the string is very lively and the spin potential is exactly what you would expect of a textured poly-based string.  It has earned rave reviews thus far and it sold out faster world-wide than anyone expected.

Meanwhile, Tennis Magazine in Germany conducted a playtest (note Turbotwist was not included in the test) and concluded that the new Signum Pro Tornado was the top string of the group.  What amazed me of the reviews is the tension holding ability of the Tornado.  It was outstanding.  Based on what I have read, it would appear to play a bit stiffer than the Turbotwist, while offering slightly less power.  Tension maintenance appears to surpass all poly-based strings to this point in time.  The results are impressive.

We know the materials in the WeissCANNON Turbotwist, as consistent with the entire line of products, are of the highest quality.  We are also impressed with the early feedback on the Tornado.  These strings are both made of quality materials and it is this base that matters most when the string is twisted.  Due to the wild early success of the new twisted strings we project we will see a flood of poly-based offerings that are twisted fill the marketplace.  Some will offer more or less power, others will offer longer playability,  and we will begin to see the twisted strings begin filling various niches, just as the poly-based strings have done.

But buyer beware, while some will deliver the goods, others will be cheap imitations offering lower pricing and ultimately lower performance.  The costs of these strings are greater to produce (at least at this point) and we are likely to see the costs remain higher than traditional poly-based offerings.  The good news is, it is doubtful the pricing will reach the levels of Luxilon who are still selling a 1993 product at outrageous prices.

Get ye ready as a new twist on string construction is definitely emerging.  It’s a very exciting time as technology continues to improve our sport.

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