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buyittryitlogolargeWe would not have trademarked the name or created a fun logo if this new offer was not something special for our customers.

Over the course of the past several months we have been introducing several exciting new string offerings.  We have also had a significant increase in the number of private, club and school coaches contacting us with an interest in trying our string products.  We have found the conversion rate of those trying our products and then deciding to carry them for team or personal use to be incredibly high.  (Stratospheric, Baybee!) Because the MSV and WeissCANNON products are so universally appealing we want to make them easy and convenient for our customers to get first-hand experiences.  Thus, our “Buy It and Try It!”TM  program was born.

We have created a “Buy It and Try It!”TM web page where you can order a limited number of the strings we import and distribute from Germany at reasonable prices for the purpose of playtesting and comparing.  We are able to offer samples of our MSV and WeissCANNON string sets at 50% off the retail pricing, in essence splitting the costs with you.  Because we often field phone calls with customers curious about how they compare to other string offerings we carry, we are also offering these at a discounted one-time only sample price for our customers to playtest and compare.  Ultimately we are confident you will find our offerings SUPERIOR to all other poly-based string offerings.  We also have a growing catalog of high quality synthetics for you to test,  including some of the top performing multis on the market.

While we enjoy speaking with our customers and sharing our experience and observations of our string products, we must keep in mind that the context in which strings are used often determine the end-user experience.  We are very well versed in how our strings have performed in our playtests and for our local customers and we are also able to discuss most competing products from direct experiences as well.  Still, the context in which you choose to use the strings may be different than our experiences.  Because of this we are often asked to speculate when engaging customers in personal conversations.  Rather than speculate, we believe our new “Buy It and Try It!”TM program will allow customers to purchase our strings at amazing prices for the purpose of personal playtests.

We do have to place some limits on the program.  Each customer is allowed to make a ONE TIME purchase through this program and can purchase up to 4 different sets of strings in order to compare string types and/or gauges.  If you feel you have a special circumstance where more than 4 sets are needed, please contact us via email and we will see what we can do to assist with your request.

We are excited to bring this new and innovative program to you and hope you will take advantage of it!

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  1. PKS on said:

    Once again, you take customer service to a new level

    smart marketing, very smart


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