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Miracle cloths whisk oils and prints from iPhones, eyewear & more!

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How awesome are these things?  Outlandishly awesome!

Quickly blurbed descriptions on web sites  sometimes do not do justice to products.  Our new microfiber cloths and pouches are examples of these types of products.

Available in seven (7) fun tennis designs these microfiber cloths will amaze.  Since the moment I received mine as a sample at a trade show, I have used it daily.  It cleans better than anything.  Works like magic.  No solvents.  No water. No chemicals.  Just a special microfiber cloth.  Simply put, it delivers!

I especially like it for quickly and easily wiping away oily face deposits and fingerprints that accumulate on my Palm Pre smartphone.  (Works on iPhones, Blackberries and iPods too!)  It cleans the eyebrow marks and spots from glasses and sunglasses with ease.  Heck, being follicly challenged, a quick swipe of this over the old dome helps reduce/remove shine as afternoon/evening hours approach.  I know it wasn’t designed for for this purpose, but if McGyver were in my boat he would undoubtably use it in the same manner!

This product not only delivers, it is thoroughly  blog worthy!  Thus, in addition to our personal testimonial we are going to provide as much information as possible.  We sell the perfect pocket size standard cloths (6×8 or 7×7) for $6.25 and the draw string pouches (good for carrying and cleaning glasses, ipods jewelry, electronics) for $7.25.  The pouches are currently available in only two designs.

What is this special Mircrofiber material???

The Microfiber used in our cloths are a synthetic textile made from fibers that are 100 times finer than human hair and 10 times finer than silk. A single ounce stretches 132 miles in length. Each fiber is composed of wedge shaped polyester strands that surround a core of polyamide to form a single thread. These dual component fibers are then knit to form a very dense and strong fabric with more than 90,000 fibers per square inch.

The polyamide core of the fibers attracts water, and creates a wicking action that allows the fabric to soak up liquids like a sponge. The polyester wedges attract oils. When knit together, these wedges create millions of tiny triangular pockets that scoop up and hold on to dirt, dust, and oils. The resulting textile is silky soft, exceptionally absorbent, and has an uncanny ability to remove oily residue without the use of chemicals. It is this unique structural design that makes a microfiber cloth such an effective cleaning tool.

Microfiber cleans without scratching, and is proven safe for use on all lenses and delicate surfaces. It can be used on eyeglasses, cameras, and binoculars. Even lenses with anti-reflective coatings can be safely cleaned with this product.

Microfiber is also great for cleaning and maintaining personal electronics. It cleans cell phones, iPhones, iPods, PDAs, CD/DVDs, computer screens, and TV monitors, leaving the surface polished and lint-free. No chemicals or solvents are needed.

When the cloth becomes soiled, machine wash with a mild detergent and tumble dry. It always cleans like new, even after hundreds of launderings. For best results, do not use bleach, fabric softener, or softener sheets.

hilookpattersoncollectionThe Standard Cloths – retail only $6.25 at Guts and Glory Tennis
Our standard cloths are made of premium grade microfiber and finished with a tightly stitched edge. They are then infused with licensed original artwork for lasting beauty. Packaged in an attractive reusable plastic case with Velcro closure, a biography of the artist is included on the design card. This portable size is great for cleaning eyewear, cell phones, iPods, CD/DVDs, cameras and binoculars.

The Pouches – retail only $7.25
The pouches are constructed of the same premium microfiber as our cleaning cloths. They are then infused with licensed original artwork for lasting beauty. The pouches feature a convenient double drawstring closure. Use them to store and clean eyewear, jewelry, small electronics and cameras.

Microfiber cleans like no other cloth:

  • It will not scratch
  • It is highly absorbent
  • It removes fingerprints and oily residue without chemicals
  • It is reuseable and machine washable

We can not recommend this product more highly.  It delivers performance as described.  Amazing at removing oil, dirt and grime.  Exceeds expectations.  Get yours today! (Click here to order one or more today.)

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