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Jaw-Dropping new string AMAZES users…

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WCTurbotwistSeptember 28  is a milestone in the life of the new WeissCANNON TurboTwist.  Today marks the 4th month that this product has been available in the USA and we continue to have trouble keeping it in stock due to high customer demand.

For all the strings we have playtested and introduced through the years, none offers the unique playing characteristics of the TurboTwist.  It is truly exceptional, extraordinary and without any peer in the world of string products.  Our customers agree and refuse to stop raving about this fantastic product.

What makes it unique?  Well it is constructed out of a poly-based blend of elements and chemicals that are coaxially twisted.  It is heated, cooled, reheated through a complex and patented manufacturing process.  It uses a special blend of chemical additives unique to only WeissCANNON, meaning knock-offs will be hard pressed to ever replicate the performance.  And what a performance it is.    While it is not unusual to receive email messages from customers who have been delighted to discover some of the string products we offer, none has generated as much insanely positive feedback, as quickly as the TurboTwist.

So, we ask again in a rhetorical kind of way, what are the characteristics that make it so unique?  It is in the poly-based family, but it is a rebel.  The level of comfort, the power level and the feel will make the user swear s/he is hitting with a crisp synthetic.  In fact, because of the high level of elasticity, the manufacturer suggests stringing at the same tension as multis.  No need to drop tension like you do with firmer poly-based strings.  These strings, like natural gut, need a bit higher tension in order to tame the inherent power.

Even though the feedback you receive will make you think you are hitting with a synthetic, properly strung you are going to realize the control you get with a poly-based string.  It truly is remarkable.  The spin potential with this string, in a full stringbed setup, is as good or better than any.  You will be hard-pressed to find a more spin friendly setup.

As an added bonus, over the past 4 months we have found the longevity of the string, (the amount of time it holds playing properties), has exceeded reasonable expectations.  In fact we pulled out a racquet orginally strung with it in mid April (5 months ago) and won a league tennis match last week.  The racquet played great.  When we got back to the shop and measured the stringbed stiffness, we were shocked to see it was still locked in at a DT reading of 38.  A representive loss of 12 – 13% which has locked in after approx. 3 hours of play.  This string does experience an initial tension loss on par with most synthetics, but after the initial loss, it locks in and holds properties for a prolonged period of time. In terms of durability, it is poly-based string like performance all the way.

The TurboTwist is an entirely new breed of string animal.  It does not fit into the poly-based string kingdom, nor does it fit into the world of synthetics.  Rather it is a class of it’s own.  In a word, it is INIMITABLE.

A new gauge, 1.24mm will soon be available to compliment the current 1.18mm version.  If the characteristics of this string sound appealing to you, we encourage you to give it a playtest and experience the completely unique sensation for yourself.

38 thoughts on “Jaw-Dropping new string AMAZES users…

  1. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    What differnce may I find if using turbo twist as full set up or as hybrid with explosiv, being the copoly the main string? Pros and cons please?

  2. ggtennis on said:


    We try to avoid blending multis with poly-based strings and in the case of the TurboTwist it is even less necessary to blend because of the comfort that a full setup provides. I have never tried the blend you are asking about so I would only be able to speculate. I suspect the feel would be plush, perhaps as comfy as a crisp multi. The biggest con would be durability. I would project that the TT would chew through the Explosiv! rapidly.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      Thank you very much for your answer and advice. I will soon use the full stringbed setup and let you know how it goes.

      My racket at the moment (and I hope for some time) is the new Yonex RDIS 200 used by Monaco, Ancic, Kleybanova and, last but nor least, me.

      I hope this combination of racket-string works well!

  3. ggtennis on said:

    Please keep us posted. The turbotwist is an incredible string and we have had a great deal of success with it. Remember it may take a stringing or two to dial in the correct tension, but once you do, your efforts will be rewarded!

  4. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I will keep you posted. Thanks.

  5. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I used TT yesterday for the first time and it felt really good. Very comfortable, solid and spin oriented.

    I used my new Yonex RDIS 200 with it. I also have an RDIS 100 mid plus so I’ll compare in the future though I like the spin potential and flexibility of the 200 and how it combines with TT.

    I am wondering. if I use pretty heavy spin strokes (forehand especially) and a 57 pressure in the strings, approximately haw many hours of play may I expect from the TT before it looses tension to the point that I have to replace them with another set of strings?

  6. ggtennis on said:

    The TT is a poly-based string and will lose some tension. That said, after the initial drop, it does a fairly good job of maintaining tension. When you get to the point of needing to be replaced will largely depend upon your tolerance for tension loss. I know of some players who change it out after approx. 6 hours while others will get 20 – 30 and of course there is a wide group in between which is where I suspect you might land. Please let us know. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I’ll let you know and thanks fot the reply.

  8. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! This week I hit with confidence for the first time in a long time.

    I used to hit sharp, angled crosscourts using heavy topspin with my forehand. With TT and my new Yonex RDIS 200 I am back in that path again. I hope it gets better, with play practice in order to have proper timing and consequently get the best of the racket and the string.

    In the future, I’ll let you know if this initial satisfaction persists. Thank you and good bye!

  9. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi. I have a racket (Yonex RDIS 200) that is a semi-tweener racket has a somewhat trampoline effect and sometimes I hit services and groudstrokes long. I am using TT at 57 pounds. The maximum pressure that is recommended for my racket is 60 pounds. If I am looking for control to avoid the trampoline effect, would you go to directly to 60 or just add one or two pounds of pressure? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • ggtennis on said:

      I would suggest taking the mains to 61 and the crosses to 58.5.

      • Adriel Lepretre on said:

        I was told by Yonex personnel not to go over 60 as that is the highest pressure recommended by the manufacturer (Yonex). They say that is the highest I should go in order to preseve the racket’s guarantee in case something would happen to it.

        Would it be a good alternative if I use 60 in the mains and 57.5 in the crosses?

        I would appreciate your response. Thank you.

  10. ggtennis on said:

    You can go to 61 with no problem. The Yonex rep knows this.

  11. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi again. My stringer has a machine that can not take the crosses to 58.5 as his machine can only take it to 58 or 59. The machine can’t take it to half numbers.

    So, if the mains are 61, would you recommend 58 or 59 for the crosses?

    Thank you again in advance for your reply.

  12. ggtennis on said:

    What kind of machine does he have? I would take it to 58.

  13. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi. This weekend I played with a Babolat Aeroprodrive Gt. It was strung in a hybrid setup with Babolat RPM Blast 17 (mains) and Babolat Tonic 16 (crosses). It felt pretty good.

    I tried it once with RPM Blast as a full string bed and felt quite harsh for my liking.

    I’ve read thar RPM Blast loses tension pretty fast and thus leads to restringing.

    If you know, how does TT compare with RPM Blast in terms of tension maintenance, control and overall feel?

    Thank you!

  14. ggtennis on said:

    No comparison. TT holds playability longer. Control is excellent and overall feel is not even close…huge edge to TT.

  15. ggtennis on said:

    A. There is an endorsement issue.

    B. In the context that the RPM Blast is used, it is not bad. Remember, Rafa only uses the string for 7 games and then he’s on to a fresh string job.

  16. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! The Babolat Aeroprodrive GT is a stiff racket (70) and has good power. Babolat recommends 55-65 pressure.

    In order to neutralize the stiffness and power of this racket, what tension would you recommend in mains and crosses with TT 1.24?

    Thank you.

  17. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I am giving follow up to a question posted last september 21 to whuch I have not received your answer.. Specifically, I would like to know what tension do you recommend for Babolat AeroProdrive GTin order to make it more arm friendly and control oriented. I use Turbo Twist 1.24 gauge.

    You recommended 61 in the mains and 58.5 for a Yonez 200 RDIS Midplus. Would that be rhe same for the Babolat? Then Babolat is much stiffer (70) compared to the Yonex (61).

  18. ggtennis on said:


    I did respond to your Yonex question even though I do not typically answer tension related questions. Please read the following blog entry that explains my hesitation to answer these questions and also provides guidelines to help you determine an answer for yourself.

  19. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi again. Maybe I was misumderstood. You most definitely answered my question concerning the Yonex racket. Nonetheless, in a subsequent question I asked another question but now concerning a Babolat racket. (see email treck record)

    I was just trying to learn from your expert advice and better mu game.

    I’ll read the blog entry you sent anyway..

    Thank you

  20. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Good blog, scary bear. Thank you.

  21. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi again. Just a quick note to say thattI used TT with Babolat Aeroprodrive GT. Great combination! It feels solid but comfortable. Huge difference in feel if compared with Black Code and VS gut hybrid.

    I had discontinued using the Aeropro because of the harsh feel but with TT I have rediscovered this amazing racket.

  22. ggtennis on said:

    Glad to hear the TT worked well in your Aeropro. It’s a great product and the following is growing. Currently one of the best kept secrets in tennis.

  23. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Believe me, it has been a difficult search in terms of finding a racket and string that suits my game. I am really happy and hope my game improves more and more from now on.

    I appreciate very much your interest, professional advice and responses throughout.

    Have a great day and good luck!

  24. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! For the past couple of weeks I have been demoing TT and B5E. In terms of string construction or materials, why does TT feel somewhat more soft and comfortable than B5E?

  25. ggtennis on said:

    Hi! I have stated many times that TT is a unique animal. It allows for more comfort than most any poly-based offering…including B5E.

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      When you say it is a unique animal, what do you mean? I already know it feels more comfortable and that it is different but is this caused by the construction of the string or the matarial of the string?

      Just trying to learn about the string… Thanks.

  26. ggtennis on said:

    It’s difficult to say anything not already stated in the blog post. It is a poly-based string with unusual comfort.

  27. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I read the blog post. Is it still recommended to string it high, as a multifilament, to tame the power, or string low as I have read in subsequent posts related to poly-based strings in general?

  28. ggtennis on said:

    Because of the unique properties, this is not a question I can answer at this time. I simply do not know if it will perform the same as other poly-based strings at low tensions. I will get around to testing that question sometime in the first half of 2011…I hope.

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      Ì will look forwad to your findings and I will let you know my thoughts in the future. I recently strung the racket at 55 pounds with TT but I have to play consistently for about a month to give you my feedback.


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