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Price increases on horizon

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Dear friends and customers, dollarscale

Several years ago we set out to introduce the best playing string offerings for you at the best prices.  When we started importing and distributing MSV and WeissCANNON string products the US dollar was trading to the Euro at 1.15.  Today the dollar is trading at 1.50 which represents an increase of approximately 25%.

Thanks to the popularity of these string products, we have been able to continue selling without increasing prices.  What we were losing in margins we were making up for in volume.  However, as the dollar continues to weaken against the Euro we are being forced to make a decision we have been resisting for a number of years.  Increasing the price of our strings.

I am sure many stringers have taken note that strings across the board have experienced a price increase this past year.  We have stood firm, resisting an increase.  Unfortunately this is not a stance we can continue to hold.  A price increase is on the horizon.

Our prices will remain very competitive and the price to performance ratio will continue to lead the industry.  We will also continue monitoring the power of the US dollar and as soon as it rebounds we will be among the first in the industry to readjust our pricing DOWNWARD.

We are proud of the products we have brought to the USA and will continue to work hard to make them available to you at reasonable and affordable prices.  We do regret having to implement a price increase but want you to understand why it is occurring.  Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section of this blog entry.

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