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Elbow Pain B-Gone!

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Guts and Glory Tennis spent last weekend attending the Grand Slam Stringer’s Symposium in FL.  We had the opportunity to speak directly with major racquet company product deisgners and product development specialists.  We came to the unfortunate conclusion that all the whining and complaining about unhealthy racquet specifications in the world is not going to change their thinking.  They deny the specs are unhealthy, preferring to blame the mechanics of the player.  They intend to continue producing lightweight, stiff frames until the public or retailers stop purchasing them.

While we will definitely try to rally support for a grassroot boycot of these products, it seems unlikely that enough support will be gathered in the short-term.  A boycott certainly does not help those currently suffering from tennis elbow.

Guts and Glory Tennis is coming to the rescue.  We will begin to offer a racquet modification service for our local stringing customers suffering from racquet related arm and shoulder pain.  We are in the process of securing the equipment to make the necessary alterations to help make your racquet more arm friendly.  The only specification of the racquet that can not be altered is the stiffness.  So, in this regard, if you are planning on purchasing a new racquet in the future, we STRONGLY encourage you to ask about the flex/stiffness rating.  We suggest an ideal range of 50’s – 60.  Measurements of 61 – 65 should also be acceptable, though not as good.  We would strongly discourage stiffness ratings above 68.

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