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Grand Slam Stringers Symposium – a preview

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Stringers  from all over the world will convene in Orlando this weekend.  World class seminar leaders will be on hand to share first hand knowledge and insights.  We will be attending for our second consecutive year and we are filled with high expectations and excitement.

We of course are looking forward to several formal sessions we will be attending, who wouldn’t with the wonderful presenters???  However, perhaps even more interesting, is the format change.  Sessions will allow for discussion afterward as well as discussion groups each evening.  These informal networking and information sharing sessions will allow for optimal interaction and learning.  We hope to both learn and share by taking advantage of these.

We plan to seek out responses to tough questions.  Why do racquet manufacturers continue to produce racquets with unhealthy specifications?  We’ll be all over this one.  Unethical behavior by online resellers?  We will seek out answers to questions about some sketchy behaviors.  Why can’t professional stringers in the USA have access to Head pallets?  Hoping to find some answers and perhaps lead a charge for change.  Does the USRSA really believe the data it provides is objective and accurate?  We’ll see how far we can get with this one, but not expecting much on that front.  Topspin tennis; what in the world are they thinking?  We hope to talk to the owner and founder who will be in attendance.

We will also be tweeting LIVE from the conference.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for up to the minute action.  Our Twitter site will be a great source for breaking information and updates from the Grand Slam Stringers Symposium.  We will use this blog to summarize afterward and may come back with some fun surprises to share with our readers.  Stay tuned…

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