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MSV Hepta – Twist

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MSV Hepta – Twist has hit the US shores and judging from the astonishingly high number of email inquiries we are receiving, tennis players from coast to coast are eager to learn more about the newest offering from Mauve Sports.

In late 2009 we playtested this product along with several local playtesters.  The results were overwhelmingly positive.  Concurrent to our playtests there was a world-wide playtest run through that yielded similar results.  (Check out that site for specifics from those playtesters. Our review only uses comments from our playtesting team.)

First the construction details.  The MSV Hepta – Twist is composed of the same poly-based material as the wildly popular, best-selling and award-winning Focus – Hex â„¢.  However, instead of being extruded using a hexagonal die cast, this particular string uses a heptagonal base structure of 7 sides.  The magic is then added through a new “twisting” process that is now being used in many poly-based strings.  This process allows a rough texture that bites the ball with both the mains and crosses.

The end result is a string that offers the comfortable and familiar feel of the Focus – Hex â„¢ with some advantages.  When using as a full setup, the spin production tends to be greater.  Many of our local playtesters made comments about how the ball was doing amazing things off the ground.  We experienced sharper, harder biting slice off both wings.  Topspin was plentiful and topspin lobs were a joy to watch hit deep in the court and then kick up high. Given the core materials of the string we were surprised that tension maintenance outpeformed the Focus – Hex â„¢.  We are not exactly sure why this occurs, but suspect it may have something to do with the twisting part of the manufacturing process, a step the Focus – Hex â„¢ does not go through.

This string is available in 3 colors; black, white and red.  It comes in 4 gauges, 16 (1.30mm), 17 (1.25mm) 17L (1.20mm) and 18 (1.15mm).  Individual sets are currently on sale through 1/25/10 and will resume regular pricing of $10.90 per set at that time.  660′ reels are also available at a sale price of $98.90 with no end date set at the time this blog entry is being written. The regular pricing will be $109.90 per reel.  Note that we do offer volume discounts to USRSA members as well as school coaches and USPTA teaching professionals on all our MSV string offerings.

We have been asked multiple times how this string compares to other products.  For those curious about the WeissCANNON TurboTwist, it is an entirely different experience.  The TurboTwist stands alone with unique power and feel that defies poly-based string standards.  The Hepta – Twist will provide a more traditional crisp feel and the spin potential may be slightly higher with the MSV Hepta – Twist due to added crispness.  Both are outstanding products, but other than using twist technology, they are not all that similar.  We have begun experimenting with those who had previously used Hex in hybrid setup for additional power and comfort. (They used a syn gut cross).  We are finding that the TurboTwist can often be used in place of the syn gut because of the comfort and power it provides.  Early feedback is this particular blend of strings is a clear winner for this group of players, with the downside being a greater overall cost.

The Signum Pro Tornado is another string customers are asking about.  While similarities exist, we are hearing from playtesters that the Tornado offers a stiffer feel.  We have two testers who have used both and they are reporting that both are solid performers, but the MSV Hepta – Twist is livlier and more responsive.  The Hepta-Twist will also keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket, an important consideration given the current state of the economy.

As for the first book of the bible string…not even in the same league.

Bottom line, if you enjoy the MSV Focus – Hex â„¢, you are apt to enjoy this string as well.  If you have not used MSV Focus or Focus – Hex â„¢ , but have used poly-based strings you will likely find a pleasant hitting experience with outstanding spin.  Comfort is good  and the string still provides a crisp response.  If you prefer a softer feel, the MSV EVO line provides that option.  In terms of overall performance for those who like crisp and comfortable poly-based strings with amazing spin and control, the Hepta-Twist from Mauve Sports is the string to try.  Get some before your opponents do!

2 thoughts on “MSV Hepta – Twist

  1. Eric on said:

    Can you give any advice on tension?

  2. ggtennis on said:

    String at same tension as MSV Focus and MSV Focus Hex. The manufacturer recommends stringing at lower tensions, upper 40’s to low 50’s. We have found the string can perform well with comfort at much higher tensions. We tend to string it higher than the recommended range for almost all of our local stringing customers. If you currently use a poly-based string we suggest using your current tension.


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