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Theme week: Sharing more email messages via our blog

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Today we received an email message from a WeissCANNON Explosiv! user in Florida.  Check out what he had to say about this terrific product!

To whom it may concern: I am a 36 year old, former collegiate player and currently compete at the 5.0 level. I run several adult tennis leagues for men and women of all levels.   I have played with multifilament strings my whole life and re-string my rackets for competition after every two maybe three matches. So price and durability are an issue for my string purchases but I fully accept that a very playable multi must be strung often. I have been using the Gamma Asterisk Spin and Tour strings for the last two years, but have also sampled the Alpha Gut 2000, the Head FiberGel, the Klip Excellerator, the Pacific PMX, the Technifibre NRG, the Wilson NXT and even the Yonex Tour Super 850; pretty much every high end multifilament available. With that being said I would like to offer my review of the Weiss Cannon Explosiv string.

In one word, Wow! The Weiss Cannon Explosiv is an incredible string. I can honestly say that every single shot gained depth, power and control. I actually told one friend that the strings were so good they made me run faster. I felt faster because the strings performed as good away from the sweet spot as in the center. I did not have to make a perfect swing to get great performance; in fact, I actually looked forward to difficult shots to see what trick I could pull off next. The access to spin and power with added control makes this a truly revolutionary product; simply put, “The string does what you tell it to do.”

I usually do not concern myself with the technology or materials involved in my string, but I believe, Weiss Cannon has made an old school multi with newer technology, and did not try to sneak polyester in there because that’s the material all the club pros are telling their customers to use. I  think the string is perfect.

My hitting partner and I play a match once a week and we are usually pretty even. I have just beaten him two times in a row and he only got four games in four sets. He has just placed an order for Weiss Cannon Strings. Weiss Cannon I am sold. Not only will I play with the Explosiv, I want to sell your strings.

Blog SPECIAL!!! This weekend ONLY, 2/12 – 2/14/10, order sets or reels of WeissCANNON Explosiv from our web site, and get secret discounted pricing!  In comments section reference this blog and we will give you $2.00 off each set ordered or $20.00 off a reel.

One thought on “Theme week: Sharing more email messages via our blog

  1. david dlyml on said:

    is there any way to notify me when or if the Weiss Cannon goes on sale again.



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