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Don’t let this one sneak past you…WeissCANNON SuperCable Pro

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Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to introduce the new WeissCANNON SuperCable Pro to tennis players throughout the USA.  The string is a fresh update to the WeissCANNON SuperCable that was quietly introduced in 2008.

In what is rapidly becoming the year of unique colors for WeissCANNON, the new SuperCable Pro is a very distinctive hue that we call fluorescent honeydew.  As far as we know it is the only fluorescent honeydew colored string in any market in the world.

More important than the color, is the playability offered by this string.  If you are the type of player who enjoys the power and touch of multifilaments and natural gut, then the SuperCable Pro will offer a lower cost option for you to explore.  The feedback from those using this string in a full setup is overwhelmingly positive with players raving about the unexpected performance they are finding.

The SuperCable Pro is constructed of a premium solid polyamid core surrounded by multifilaments that incorporate a shielded wrap between the core and outer coating.  The special coating and construction allow for exceptional durability combined surprisingly subtle feel.  The construction process is once again unique to WeissCANNON.

While players are raving about this string as a full setup, the characteristics also make it an IDEAL string to use in a hybrid setting with a poly-based main.  While most multis shred to pieces when combined with poly-based mains, the SuperCable Pro, with its solid core, is constructed to handle these situations.  In fact it is one of the most popular hybrid strings we are currently using with our local stringing customers.  It offers the playability of a multi in hybrid with superior durability.

The SuperCable Pro is an exceptional value, available at a fraction of the cost of premium multifiliaments and an even better value when purchased in a 660′ reel.  Guts and Glory Tennis is making this string available at a special introductory price for a limited time.  Be sure to try in for yourself in either 40′ sets or 660′ reels.  Give it a try, we think you might be surprised by the versatility of this string and stringers will find it quickly becoming a favorite and staple for their stringing clients.

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