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Signum Pro Micronite Reviewed

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Signum Pro’s newest premium multifilament string, Micronite,  is receiving accolades that are quite frankly hard to fathom.  In August, Germany’s tennis magazine, reported results of a playtest conducted by a panel of high level tennis players with an expertise in tennis strings.

The Signum Pro Micronite was named test winner against multifilament offerings from Babolat, Tecnifibre, Prince AND natural gut offerings from Babolat and Pacific.  Yes, you read that correctly…a panel of string experts preferred Micronite over natural gut and other multifilament offerings from major string manufacturers.

We found the Micronite extremely easy to install.  Weaving is smooth and fast.  The string has very little coil memory and shows no desire to kink.

In our playtest the performance reminded us a lot of the LaserFibre Phenom that was popular with a large number of local customers before it was discontinued.  It is a lively string offering excellent comfort. We found the play to be mostly crisp and precise.  We did not find the mushiness associated with some polyurethane based multis such as the NXT line of strings.  Spin production was decent, better than many multis, but players are not likely to confuse it with the spin of a poly-based string. Tension maintenance is surprisingly good as the Micronite in our test racquet dropped just 3 DT points in 6 hours of court time over a period of 3 weeks.  Playability remained consistently solid and pleasant.

The shock dampening properties are excellent due to the high thread count.  We do recommend this string for those who have tender elbows.

Overall this is an impressive effort from Signum Pro.  While we would be hard pressed to claim it is superior to natural gut, it is a solid offering and we can recommend it with complete confidence to players seeking the performance that premium multis offer.

11 thoughts on “Signum Pro Micronite Reviewed

  1. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    HI! Would you use it as a cross string with copolys? I think you dont recommend multis as cross. Would you clear this out.

    How does it compare to Technifibre X1 Biphase?


  2. ggtennis on said:

    You are correct, we do not recommend multis blended with polys.

    Similar to Bi-Phase. Both are crisp multis.

  3. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Is there an article you have written in the Blog that talks about not blending multis with polys? I would like to read it, just to eget some knowledge.

    You would be astonished in terms of how many people blend multis with polys. In Tennis Warehouse their are threads about tennis, including strings, and numerous people talk about how they blend these.

  4. ggtennis on said:

    Here’s a link.

    Written in 2008, I still stand behind the comments made. Since then I have found an additional advantage for regular soft solid core synthetics. Used in combination with a properly strung poly, string life and playability is greatly extended over a multi…were the multi somehow not break rapidly.

  5. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    In te article, you mention some solid core synthetics. Are there any new ones since then that you can recommend tu use as a hybrid with copoly?

    Thank you.

    • ggtennis on said:

      Klip is no longer producing synthetics so remove those. All the others we stand by. You might also consider adding Babolat N.vy. In our local shop we use a lot of the Signum Pro Ultra Power SF as the synthetic cross in hybrids.

  6. Al on said:

    What about recommendations for a synthetic cross for natural gut? I have a sensitive arm to polys.

  7. GGTennis on said:

    Any high thread count multi with decent tension maintenance should pair nicely with natural gut. Full gut is probably the preferred setup for most players rather than a gut/multi hybrid.

  8. silvio on said:

    hm, i found this article in 1.january. 2021 (i am from europe, so we write date correct way)

    Ok, let me ask you something… WHY do you dont recommend poly + multi in hybrid???
    1. Multis play different than syntetic gut (cheap plastic)
    2. Multis has sometimes shorter period of time before it breaks
    3. Multis play better than SintGut
    4. Multis are expensive than SintGut
    5. Sintetic gut is cheap plastic…. what comes cheap, plays cheap.
    If the price is the only reason why you dont recommend it, than is the most idiotic reason i read on the internet. Then natural gut + alu rough is another “stupid” version, because natural gut is more expensive, and breaks faster than any multifilament.
    So, let me explain.
    Even multifilament strings are not good, if you compare them to natural gut.

    If factories lower the price of their natural gut sets, to the price of sintetic gut or mulifilament strings, then, all tennis players would start to buy natural gut, factories that produce natural gut would sell more of them, and they will earn more money than now.
    Everyone wants to play with natural gut. When you try natural gut, there is no back. So….
    You article about multifilaments and sintetic gut is somehow idiotic.


    Signum pro MIcronite is GREAT multifilament. I played it for one year in hybrid with Alu Rough. MIcronite on mains/ Alu rough on the crosses. It last 2 months before it breaks. I played 28 matches with that hybrid on Wilson RF97 V11.

    So, if I can write little comment about that Hybrid:
    Micronite + AluRough plays like rocket. Full of power, full of control. It is soft and good on your arm. Plays different than Champions Choice, i could say, that it plays equal well.

    • GGTennis on said:

      Well, I suspect English is not your first language so I will overlook the rudeness of the post as it may not be intentional.

      I do NOT recommend multis with polys in hybrid. There are a myriad of reasons. As you surmise, durability is often lacking. Price can be a factor, but it has nothing to do with my recommendation.

      I do believe that natural gut pairs well with polys. It is expensive. It can break fast, but generally not as fast as multis.

      Syn gut and multis are all similar material, just different construction. So you understand, plastic is plastic.

      So, why not multis? Before I explain, I agree with the Micronite comment. It is a very nice multi. I like it as a full setup and admit to not ever attempting to use it in a hybrid with a poly. Why? Because polys need to be supported well in order to provide ultimate playability. MOST multis are weaker than syn gut and natural gut in terms of ability to hold properties and provide the necessary support the polys need. In your setup, it is reversed from most and while I would be concerned about durability there are some playing styles who can get away with it. With a poly main, the multi cross simply does not play well. It is an issue of performance. I want my customers to have best possible performing strings and that is why I do not recommend blending polys and multis.

      I am glad you found a setup that works for you. IMO you are in a minority with the setup you use, but if it works for you, wonderful! Thanks for posting.


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