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Signum Pro Synthetics – Tennis’ Best-Kept Equipment Secret

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Several years ago the German Tennis Magazine conducted a playtest of new poly-based strings and named Signum Pro’s Poly Plasma as the Test Winner.  This past year, the same publication reviewed multifilament offerings and this time named the NEW Signum Pro Micronite as the Test Winner.  We were the first to introduce Poly Plasma to the USA after the award in 2004 and we are now in 2010 are the first to introduce Micronite to USA tennis players.

Signum Pro has a strong reputation for designing high quality poly-based strings, but what most players do not realize is that Signum Pro offers a selection of terrific playing synthetics as part of their lineup.  We have playtested each synthetic offered by Signum Pro and have selected the cream of the crop and made them available to US customers through our online store.

The purpose of this entry is to provide those who are unfamiliar with the synthetic offerings a quick synopsis.  Sort of like a Cliff Notes primer on the topic.

Signum Pro Ultra Power SF
We have carried this string since 2005.  It is a solid core synthetic gut with multi-layered wraps.  Not surprisingly the Ultra Power SF has been our “go-to” string when a customer is seeking to hybrid a poly-based main with a softer cross.  It has yet to fail in terms of providing the characteristics that players are seeking in a hybrid cross.  The “SF” in the string’s name stands for Super Flex.  The Super Flex properties allow this string to offer the resiliency and power of many multis, yet at the same time offer superior durability.  As an added bonus, it is a available at a fraction of the cost.  It plays great as a full setup as well.  Reels will be on sale through the month of August (2010) through our web site.  Just click the link above.

Signum Pro Fiber High Tec EXP
This is perhaps the greatest hidden treasure of them all.  We have been using the Fiber High Tec EXP with our local stringing customers since 2005.  It is a premium multifilament string consisting of over 1000 filaments.  The play offered is consistent with no hotspots and the power is medium-high.  What we like best about this string is the coating.  It is not made of heavy polyurethane like many today, but rather the coating is similar to the old school beeswax style.  It is this unique coating that allows the string to bite the ball.  Users find access to spin to be much easier with this multifilament than many others in the market today.  It is a very solid offering, available in 16ga and 17ga sets only, at a reasonable price that is made even MORE REASONABLE until the end of August 2010 through our Fiber High Tec EXP sale!

Signum Pro Micronite
The newest string from Signum Pro is the Test Winner from the German Tennis Magazine.  It is a premium multifilament offering featuring over 1000 fibers that have been polyurethane impregnated for more power, more comfort, and more feel than today’s competitors.  The Signum Pro Micronite stands out as an EXCELLENT choice for those suffering from tennis elbow due to the outstanding dampening properties of the string.  The on-court performance is a pleasure that is designed to rival the sensation of natural gut.  This is a serious string for players who can fully appreciate the advantages of superior materials and construction.  The cost is lower than many of today’s newer premium multis and it does come in both sets and reels.  If you are a multifilament player, you need to give this string a hit.  We suspect you will not be disappointed.  It is currently in stock and available at a sale price through the Guts and Glory online shopping site.

Signum Pro Topspin SF
Sadly Signum Pro is no longer going to carry this product.  However, we stocked up on it and are selling it at a DISCOUNTED price in both sets and reels.  The Topspin SF is a textured synthetic gut string.  For those who enjoy playing with this style of string, the Signum Pro version is as good or better than any we have encountered.  It rivals Prince Topspin as well as Yonex Tournament 80 Spin in terms of performance.  However, it offers a property they do not, SUPERFLEX!  The SF technology gives this string some added pop and feel allowing it to excel in a full setup as well as in a hybrid with poly-based main strings.  We stocked up, but once it is gone, it’s gone.  Get yours from us before this fine string is gone.

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