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Sharing some email–A little MSV Luv!

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Over the weekend we received an email testimonial for our much beloved MSV string products.  We enjoy receiving feedback and sometimes post it on our web site, sometimes we tweet it and every now and again we turn it into a quick blog entry.  Today we share it as a blog entry.  Enjoy!

I just wanted to say that MSV Focus Hex is the BEST string I have used to date. I normally use soft and plush multi’s. I tried the Focus Hex after reading how great it is in spin production as well as tension maintenance for a co-poly. After previously using a co-poly before (Topspin Cyber Blue) which is supposed to be soft, I had some wrist problems and went back to my soft multi’s. I decided to try the Focus Hex and EVO Hex and really, really fell in love with the Focus Hex. I was looking for a string that has great spin production, tension maintenance, and one that would tone down the power a little in my Volkl V1 OS racquets. This string did the trick. Even though they say 3.0 NTRP players shouldn’t use co-poly’s and have no use for them, I beat a 3.5 NTRP player today 6-2 6-4 with these strings. You could see the ball jump when I was hitting my groundstrokes and my serve speed increased. I just love them!!! Hopefully they will last a while. I didn’t think I would like them at first but after I broke them in for about 30 minutes they felt great. EVO Hex was actually very soft and had a plush feel for a co-poly and it actually felt alot like the NXT I previously used but it just had too much power for my racquet. I am now officially a user for MSV Focus Hex!!!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Sharing some email–A little MSV Luv!

  1. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi. How does Focus Hex compare to Weiss Cannon Turbo Twist in terms of feel, spin, tension maintenance and control?

  2. ggtennis on said:

    Thanks for visiting our blog! It is difficult to compare these two strings. Even though both are poly-based, the TurboTwist is a very unique creature that doesn’t really fit well into the world of poly-based strings or synthetics. It sort of lives in between the two worlds. It offers more spin and better durability than synthetics while simultaneously offering more feel and power than most poly-based offerings.

    In terms of feel, the TT is fairly soft, while the MSV Hex is more crisp, but not as stiff as many other poly strings.

    In terms of spin the Hex is tough to beat. It’s excellent at spin generation due to the profiled shape and the coating. That said, players can spin the ball quite easily with the TT.

    When measuring tension maintenance, our readings show over the long haul the TT will hold longer. At the same time in the short term, they are very close.

    Control will depend on the tension used and the amount of spin in your game. Both are good control strings, but if you string the TT too loose, control can suffer.

    We sell and HIGHLY recommend each product. You really can’t go wrong with either though it is possible one may suit your game better than the other.

  3. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I use a lot of topspin in my forehand and hit many winners with this shot. I also use an offensive backhand slice and an ocassional topspin backhand. I am pretty much an agressive baseliner. I am currently demoing the Babolat Aerprodrive GT , the Yonex RDIS 200 midplus and the RDIS 100 midplus.

    When playing with Turbo Twist I get great comfort and feel but some inconsistency in my shots, sometimes they sail long, sometimes they fall short into the net. That said, I am looking for a string with a similar feel but that is less lively. I am already using 62 tension to control the liveliness. I will probably persevere with the Turbo Twist, as the liveliness also has pros to it.

    Nonetheless, would Hex or any other string you sell suit better to my game, in your opinion?

  4. ggtennis on said:

    I do not believe there is currently a poly-based string offering similar feel. If you are willing to sacrifice some of the feel the hex is very consistent and spinny. Also WC will have new string available in about 4 weeks that is basically a profiled version of the very comfortable silverstring. It is called Black5Edge Power. Based on specs and early playtester feedback, it may fall between the two. In the interim you might want to give the Focus Hex or even the HeptaTwist a test and see what you think.


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