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WC Black5Edge – The World’s 1st “Poly-Plush” String

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Many string companies will wait until key times in the tennis calendar to unveil new product offerings.  WeissCANNON’s new Black5Edge is being introduced to the tennis playing public at a rather unconventional time.  Why?  When a string is developed that generates unbridled praise and excitement that literally oozes from the pores of early playtesters; a string that offers a combination of performance characteristics previously unattained;  a string that clearly possesses the potential to dramatically enhance on court performance for a large cadre of skills levels…it’s incredibly hard to wait to make it available.  Thus WeissCANNON is introducing the new Black5Edge just in time for the holidays.

The Black5Edge is so unique, so full of tennis goodness that it just very well may create an entirely new classification of poly-based string, “POLY-PLUSH!”

What is “poly-plush” and why should tennis players take note?  The Black5Edge clearly stands out from an avalanche of poly-based strings that have been introduced this past calendar year.  The difference, simply put, is all-around performance excellence.  While the Black5Edge could easily be mistaken for a run of the mill spin string, one hitting session and you too will be convinced this string is something extra special.

Yes, the sharp pentagonal profile coupled with a slick and polished finish allows for string sliding and snapping action that easily produces spin or slice on command.  The sharpness does not wear down in a few hours like some other gear shaped or differently shaped string offerings.  There can be no doubt that the Black5Edge will vault into the tennis playing consciousness as one of the very best spin creation tools available.  Whether you play with excessive spin or moderate amounts, the Black5Edge will elevate your game with a level of spin and control previously unmatched.

While spin potential is clearly one advantage, this string is most certainly NOT a one trick pony.  This is a poly-based string which provides a plush feeling when hitting.  The comfort is notable and consistent.  While offering crisp power, there is no harsh feedback because the new chemical composition of this string allows it to provide comfort and hold its playing properties for an extended period of time.  Unlike many other poly-based strings this means that the Black5Edge continues to help absorb shock longer which makes it one of the more arm-friendly poly-based strings available today.

Our playtesters could not stop raving about this string.  They found it to excel with power, control and spin in baseline rallies.  Some commented that the spin and control allowed them to strike sharper, more acute angles with more pace than other strings.  Others found the kick on serves to be greatly enhanced while our serve and volley playtester who often despises poly-based strings found it to offer outstanding touch and feel at net.  One playtester noted that his short slice return of serve was never better.  Three out of four of our local playtesters rated this string as the best string they have ever hit and all four are furious it will not be available in the USA until the end of November.

For those familiar with WeissCANNON offerings you may want to note that the chemical composition of this string closely approximates that of Silverstring, the flagship of the WeissCANNON line.  The Black5Edge is not identical, but does have some striking similarities.  Players who use both will immediately recognize the family resemblances, specifically the level of comfort.  It’s a very smooth hitting string.  However, the Black5Edge has risen the bar with some new chemical additives and altered concentrations that create a slightly livelier hitting experience along with longer lasting maintenance of playing properties.  In other words WeissCANNON may find it has a new flagship string in the fleet!

The WeissCANNON distributor in Australia already has the Black5Edge available down under and they describe it as “Too good to be legal!”  Maybe so, but currently it is legal and we hope tennis players in the USA will take advantage of every last drop of the “poly-plush” goodness this string offers.

The Black5Edge is not expected to arrive in the USA until late November.  Once here, it will be available exclusively at Guts and Glory Tennis prior to the new year, after which it may be spotted at some of our online friends.

59 thoughts on “WC Black5Edge – The World’s 1st “Poly-Plush” String

  1. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! Will I receive an email when this string is available for purchase?

  2. ggtennis on said:


    We will send you an email. Please note that shipments typically arrive late in the day. After they arrive, we will go through the inventory process, shoot some images and then try to get it on our web site the same day. We will post a message on our facebook fan page as well as tweet that it has arrived. The following day we will go through our email file and notify those who have been waiting.

  3. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I love to hit with great topspin either with my forehand or backhand.

    a)Is this string a better alternative than Turbo Twistf for this in particular (generating topspin)?

    How does it compare with TT in terms of confort and arm friendliness?

    If I use 62 mains/ 59 crosses with TT, should I leave it the same with Black5Edge?

    I am a 4.5 rated player and mostly an aggresive baseliner. I am an adult and use Babolat AeroproDrive Gt racket.

    Thank you for your response.

  4. ggtennis on said:

    We love TurboTwist and believe it spins the ball very well, but if spin is your main objective, you may find the Black5Edge also to your liking.

    You can either keep same tension or drop a pound or two. I would keep the same in order to gain a direct comparison and then adjust if needed.

  5. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi again! Is Black5 Edge similar to Turbo Twist in terms of softness/ armfriendliness?

    Besides, somebody said in an internet post (not gg) that Black5Edge felt similar to RPM Blast. Is this true?

    Thank you for your response.

  6. ggtennis on said:

    TurboTwist remains in a class by itself. The Black5Edge is extremely soft.

    I suppose if you are comparing fresh RPM Blast to the Black5Edge, there are some players who might find some similarities, but that would be a stretch as they are really not all that similar. The Black5Edge is superior, IMO, especially when you factor in how long it is able to maintain playing properties.

  7. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! How does Black5Edge compare in terms of control to Turbo Twist? Is it less lively and less powerful?

    I ask because sometimes its sometimes hard to control my shots (to much trampoline effect) when combining Turbo Twist with my Babolat Aeroprodrive GT. My serve and backhand slice sail long.

  8. ggtennis on said:

    Black5Edge plays more like a traditional poly-based string compared to TT. Less power, more control.

  9. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Is it soft enough to play in a full set or would you recommend going with a hybrid set up? If so with which string?

    Thank you for your response.

  10. ggtennis on said:

    Definitely soft enough to play as a full set. Comfortable string.

  11. Boris Becker on said:

    I really dont need string yet, but if this new weiss cannon string is priced right I might buy. I guess since the dollar is weak we cant expect a reel price under 120?

  12. ggtennis on said:

    Reels will retail for $119.90. They are currently available at an introductory price of $99.90.

  13. Boris Becker on said:

    wow, so far this string is amazing. i have never felt a poly with such control and power

    i love it. its my new favorite string

  14. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I was using Turbo Twist at 60 pounds and it felt great but a bit to lively for my Babolat Aeroprodrive GT. I have beeen using Bobolat RPM Blast at 55 pounds and it is less lively or powerful compared to TT but has less feel and comfort.

    I recently ordered Black5Edge and am waiting for it. Should I expect considerably mor comfort from it if compared with the RPM Blast? I ask the question as I am trying to decide to use Black5 Edge i a full bed setup or combined with gut in a hybird setup.

    I want to avoid the trampoline effect but also any jarring that may come about from mishits.
    Should Black 5 Edge as a full setup fit this needs?

    I am aware that this varies from one player to another but in general terms what is your appreciation?

    Thank you for your reply.

  15. ggtennis on said:

    B5E is very comfortable, but not quite as comfy and powerful as TT. We have only playtested it in full setups to this point in time, but it should play nicely blended with a natural gut, if you are so inclined. I would suggest starting out as a full setup before blending.

  16. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi. I am using toth Turbo Twist and B5E. I have experienced some pain in shoulder and elbow maybe due ti the use of RPM Blast,

    Will here be a big difference between TT and B5E in terms of preventing arm pain?Which do you recommend or are both equally ok?

    I use heavy topspin and like control in my shots.

  17. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! How would you compare overall B5E with Signum Pro Tornado?

  18. ggtennis on said:

    Both are very nice products. I think the overall edge, when price is factored into the equation, has to go to the WeissCANNON product.

  19. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    But, besides price, are they similar in terms of how they feel and play?

  20. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! For some reason I am still experiencing shoulder pain. I am using Babolat Aeroprodrive GT with B5E.

    I just ordered a new Yonex racket called VCore 98. It is supposed to be more arm friendly than the Babolat. I will try B5E with it.

    Nonetheless, through my continuos reserch, I heard that Novac Djockovic is using in his new Head racket a combination of Technifibre Biphase in the mains and gut in the crosses. This is an interesting combo that got my attention.

    Two questions if you may:

    1) How does B5E compare to this combo of Biphase/gut? I suppose the edge in spin goes to B5E and the feel to Biphase/gut.

    2) Why do you think Djockovic uses this combo? I have never heard about it. My impression is that gut in the crosses gives him better feel and less tension loss if compared to a full bed of biphase. It is interesting that he goes hybrid and not full gut or full biphase.

    Good day.

  21. ggtennis on said:

    Bi-Phase and gut are on an entirely different end of the spectrum. Both have much elasticity while poly-based strings do not. They are different animals and provide much different experiences and sensations.

    I do not believe that Djokavic uses a blend of Bi=Phase and Gut. If true, that would be shocking to me. More than likely he is using a blend of natural gut and a copoly. You might want to check your source on the setup he’s using. I suspect it may be mistaken.

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      In 2oo7 nad 2008 Djockovic used Biphase. Then he apparently switched to luxilon and gut.
      The article relted to the biphase and gut setup that I read seemed pretty accurate and complete but I will have to double check on this present setup.
      If I locate the article I will send it to you.

  22. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! If I want even better feel from B5E what would you use as a cross string- gut, multifilament or any other alternative? Or just lower tension of poly?

    I heard that using gut as a cross is a waste of money as the poly will die too fast. Could this be true?

    • ggtennis on said:

      Natural gut blends very nicely with co-poly strings. Properly strung, at lower tensions, the co-polys do not die too fast. The blend provides a much different feel than full poly at low tensions. What is better will depend on player preference. ie Federer enjoys the gut/co-poly blend while Nadal prefers full poly. Both are decent players, eh?

  23. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I am looking for control and confort. In a hybrid setup, will the copoly as a main string give me more control and access to spin?.

    On the other hand, in a full copoly setup you recommemfd stringing in the 40’s and I don’t know if this changes if I use gut or a solid core synthetic as a cross string.
    So, if I am hybriding with gut, should both strings, copoly and gut, be in the 50’s with a three pound difference between them approximately?

    • ggtennis on said:

      Co-poly mains should provide you the access to control and spin that you surmise.

      If using a synthetic as a cross string of the same diameter or thicker, increase tension by 4 pounds on the synthetic. I would suggest keeping the co-poly mains in the 40’s.

  24. Dale on said:

    What tension would you recommend for a full bed of Black5Edge in my Yonex RDiS 100 Midplus for the best spin and control? I’m currently using Red Code at 57.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. ggtennis on said:

    Tension is subjective and hard to advise. If you were my customer being strung using my method of stringing I would suggest starting at a tension of 43. If you want to directly compare the two strings, keep at same tension but realize that polys over 52lbs do not provide solid performance.

  26. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    In the Tennis Warehouse thread people are talking about B5E and they love it, some even saying its the best copoly in the market! Nadal and some other pros should switch, ha, ha.

    I told some people that GG sells it as TW does not sell it at the moment and when they do, their shipping costs are greater, at least to Puerto Rico where I live.

    Good luck with the sales!

    • ggtennis on said:

      Thank you for the comment and for the advocacy. B5E is a GREAT product and nearly all who try it find themselves impressed.

      Just for your information, TW does not allow posting references to other tennis web sites who sell the same or similar products. By mentioning our site in their discussion forums, you are putting yourself at risk for suspension or being barred from participating. I would hate to see that happen.

      Our vision is not to compete with Tennis Warehouse. We support them and appreciate the community they have established and enjoy much of the innovative and useful information they produce. We are much more of an old fashioned mom and pop shop. (Assuming there can be such a thing online) We cater to players who are looking for the best performing strings with personalized service. We strive to interact with our customers in a meaningful way. We only carry and resell products we have tested and believe strongly in their quality. What we do not carry sometimes even speaks louder than what we choose to carry.

      We are glad to have you as a customer. We do not carry the same range of tennis equipment as our friends at Tennis Warehouse and Tennis Express. We hope you will use support them when you are not purchasing through us.

  27. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi! I have been using other strings, one called Revenge, combined wuth gut.
    I also tried VS black gut with B5E but with a Babolat Aeroprodrive GHT.
    With a Yonex racket Im using now, I have not used B5E till now.

    I am about to use B5E full bed but a person in a thread says he loved B5E mains and Mantis Comfort Synthetic crosses. This Mantis string is a multi.

    I know you dont recommend multis as a cross but full bed B5E with the APD was to stiff. Maybe with the Yonex could be different.

    Hybrid with gut could be great but expensive.

    What does GG think of this?

    • ggtennis on said:

      B5E with natural gut makes a decent hybrid, although the rough nature of the profiled poly could cause the gut to wear prematurely. We prefer a rounded poly, like Silverstring when blending with natural gut.

      In terms of multi hybrids, we do not think much of them. We believe synthetic guts with a solid core match better with the poly and offer better overall performance.

      • Adriel Lepretre on said:

        Will the synthetic gut soften the B5E if needed?

        What synthetic gut would you recommend to use as a cross with B5E?

  28. ggtennis on said:

    It will add a little bit of feel to the setup. I usually use a soft synthetic with a multi wrap like the Signum Pro Ultra Power SF…I also use Forten Sweet and PSGD with success.

  29. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Ive seen PSGD initials in the past but dont know what they stand for. Please clarify.


  30. ggtennis on said:

    Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex

  31. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I decided to string a full bed of B5E at 47 pds; took it to the stringer yesterday and should de strung during the day so maybe I still have time to make a change.

    I know you have recommend 43.

    1-Would 47 make the stringbed to stiff?

    2-Will I still get control at 43 pds?


  32. ggtennis on said:

    1 – Probably not
    2 – Yes

    String it where you are most comfortable. Otherwise you will be second guessing yourself.

  33. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi, I strung B5E in a full bed at 47 pds and felt it stiff. I am planning to put VS Gut or Tonic Gut as a cross. Bad thing it is expensive.

    1-So, what would be the most playing hours I could get from this hybrid of B5E and Gut.

    2-Do you think there will be a noticeable difference if I use Tonic instead of VS?

    Thank you.

    • ggtennis on said:

      You can still go full poly at an even lower tension. You will still have the control. Try in the upper 30’s to low 40’s.

      OR if you hybrid with natural gut remember the gut should be strung +4 over the poly. VS is the top of line. Tonic is excellent. Either will play nicely in a hybrid setup.

  34. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I like the cushioned, non vibration feel in a stringbed. I think this I can get with the gut as a cross. Dont know if I can get this type of feel in full poly.

    I have been having some pain in my thumb and shoulder and dont know if it has to do with the vibration you get when not hitting in the sweetspot in a full copoly stringbed.

    What do you think?

    • ggtennis on said:

      Absolutely no clue as to cause of thumb pain. Shoulder pain, not likely caused by full poly, but the gut will definitely alter the feel for you and add a more cushioned response.

      • Adriel Lepretre on said:

        Well, I tend to think it could be the vibration being transmitted to the hand. I have played less these days due to rain and the thumb is better. But, just a theory I guess.

        Anyhow, the comfort I feel with copoly/ gut is noticeable and enjoyable, but you pay a price for it$.

  35. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I am planning to0 use B5E at 53 or 54 in a Yonex RDIS 100 MP. This racket has good control and absorbs shock pretty good. I am looking for a good mix of control and softness. Would this tension be too high with B5E?

  36. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    I strung at 52, lets see how it does. Ill let you know.

  37. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    52 was too boardy at times and low powered. I am planning to use B5E at 50 combined with VS black gut at 54. This black gut is somewhat firmer and has a bit more control than the original VS gut. What do you think of this tension? How would this stringjob compare to a string job of B5E at 44 in terms of comfort and control? Much difference to justify buying the gut?
    Also there is KLIP gut that is cheaper than VS, is it good?

    Also, I am returning two rackets in exchange for two Yonex RDIS 100 MP rackets. I get free stringing but then the rackets come from California (Tennis Warehouse) to Puerto Rico by a 2 day air flght (UPS). I am worried that this may affect the stringbed, speciallly the gut (rackets in a box inside a plane- may get hot). What is your opinion as a professional stringer?

    Sorry for the many questions asked.

    PS- In the future, Ill keep buying B5E from GGT not TW.(ha ha)

  38. ggtennis on said:

    I like 50 better than 52, but would like 48 better than 50.

    Your setup might be more powerful than B5E at 44. It might be very good. I would need to playtest them side by side to be able to give a precise answer.

    Gut poly hybrids are very nice. Is it worth the extra cost? To some players it is, others not so much.

    We do not care for Klip gut. It is decent, but inconsistent. We like to know what we are going to get each time…especially with a product like gut. Consistency make the added cost worth it to us.

    Shipping in the summer can be a challenge especially with natural gut. Exposure to extreme temperatures can impact the playability. I would ask TW to make sure the racquet is shipped in its thermal cover…assuming it comes with one.

    In terms of buying from us vs. TW…we obviously would prefer to have the sale, but Tennis Warehouse is good for tennis and we are very friendly with them. We do not mind customers patronizing them.

  39. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Ill test them side by side. One racket with 48 B5E/ 52 VS black gut and the other racket with 44 B5E. Ill let you know in a few weeks. Rackets wont arrive until July 20th to TW (out of stock right now) so I wont get them till the 22 aprox.

    Thanks again for your help!

  40. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    How do you rate MSV Focus Hex in comparison to B5E in terms of control, spin, comfort and tension maintenance?

  41. ggtennis on said:

    Both strings have their audiences and are excellent in their own ways. I am sorry that I am not able to compare. It is like asking a parent which child he likes better and why. I like them both and they each offer unique strengths.

  42. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    You sounded like a politican this time.

  43. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    In average, after how many playing hours does one cut B5E?

    Is B5E softer than Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure?

  44. John Wolaver on said:

    I’m now using MCS at 56. Like the comfort but not the lack of spin. I’m thinking of trying B5E at 40. Need to be careful about injury. Comments?


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