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For the past year we have been striving to optimize interactions with our customers.  Social media provides us with tools to accomplish this in ways that we hope are helpful.

We strive to post at least one or two interesting and informative blog entries each month.  Through these entries we hope to share detailed information about product offerings and issues related to tennis that will be of some interest to stringers as well as the general tennis playing public.

We have also experimented with the use of twitter.  While it is fun and immediate, we have pulled back from using it heavily.  We will still attempt to continue tweeting to some extent, especially when we have an important announcement, but we want to be clear that we have decided not to make it our top priority for interacting with our customers.

We feel facebook is probably the most versatile tool for interacting with customers via social networking and have made it our top priority.  We have made the wall the default the landing point for those visiting our facebook fan page.  It allows us to make announcements, pose questions and respond to questions posted by our fans.  We hope to use it to build a community where customers and staff can share experiences, ideas and learn from one another.

Recently we have set up a tab on facebook that allows us to sell products directly from our facebook fan page.  While this will never be as comprehensive as our online store, it is a place where we can make special offers at discounts to our fans.  The tab is labeled “Shop Now” and by clicking on it, you will be able to see the items we are making available.  If you are not a fan of our facebook page, you will get the regular pricing.  If you “like our fan page”, just click on the item and you will see a discounted price.  To receive this price you must order directly through the facebook site.  When placing your order you will be sent to a secure paypal site to make payment.   You will need to have a paypal account to take advantage of the specials offered on this page.

We also have a discussion board that is not currently active, but we monitor it and if any fan wants to have an off the wall discussion, they are welcome to use this option.

We attempt to blend our facebook updates, tweets and blog entries with useful information, product announcements, and humor.  We want customers to enjoy their interactions with us and try to make them fun and informative.

We also continue to respond to email and entertain telephone conversations.  We want to be available to answer your questions and provide you the information you are seeking.  It is important to us to be available for you.  We hope you will choose to interact with us.  If you are not already a facebook fan, we hope you will visit our facebook fan page and choose to like us.

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