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Stringing via the Jaycee Method…Why Bother?

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Earlier this year we posted about our philosophical trip to Paris and our desire to adopt and utilize the stringing methods of John Elliot in our business.  In the process of making this commitment several core beliefs were challenged and had to be carefully examined.  We had to be open to the notion that the stringing world as we knew it and understood it may indeed have another dimension–a dimension that we had not yet explored.  Once we were able to accept this reality, the door of new possibilities literally sprung wide open and the glorious light of these realities shone brightly upon us.

Since adopting the Jaycee Method our product has improved in ways we never anticipated.  Yes, we are still able to generate a consistent stringbed stiffness as measured by the ERT 300 and ERT 700 that we use, but we are also now able to string with less variance from string to string as measured by a Stringmeter.  While readings on measuring devices can be interesting and reassuring, they can also be misunderstood.  Ultimately it does not matter one iota what my ERT or the Stringmeter tells me, what matters most is the experience using the racquet on court.  This is where recent feedback I have received has been most surprising.  My customers, many unaware of the new stringing process, are sharing unsolicited feedback with me.  Admittedly in some instances this is due to the fact that I have them playing with new strings, but some who have not changed strings have also noted a difference.

What is the Jaycee Method providing that previous methods did not?  Here’s a quick list of what I have heard and directly observed thus far…just about a 6 weeks into the journey.

– The stringbed is more uniform and stable.  Not as much twisting on off-center hits
– The sensation of the ball off the strings is extremely pleasant
– Hitting the ball is easier allowing the player to expend less energy and remain fresher longer
– The playability of the strings lasts much longer
– Very little measurable tension loss as compared to previous methods
– Ball control and targeting is enhanced
– Greater access to spin when called upon
– Controlled power on demand
– The feeling that my game has improved

With these early comments and observations, I stand more convinced than ever that moving in this direction is good for my business and most importantly great for my customers.  I am excited to see what the rest of the year will bring as my proficiency improves and these techniques are introduced to new customers.  The bottom line is that the Jaycee Method is much more efficient than other methods because it maximizes the performance of the strings ultimately making the on court experience much more pleasurable for the player.  Afterall, that’s really what it is all about, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Stringing via the Jaycee Method…Why Bother?

  1. elliot on said:

    Could you please give a step by step explanation of the jaycee method ? John Elliot doesn’t have it on his website and the forums are confusing and may show the evolutionary steps and not the end product.

    I wish Jaycee would publish it on his site but I think he likes to maintain the mystique.

    • ggtennis on said:

      Eliot, Thanks for reading our blog. The Jaycee method is described in some detail on the site. John Elliot provides individual lessons in Paris and he also provides sessions at the GSS Symposium in the USA where his methods are detailed. These are the best ways to learn specifics about his techniques.


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