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At the end of last year continuing to the present, we have been exploring, carefully examining and at times reinventing what we do so that we can provide the best service to our customers.  Our year of change and transformation takes another quantum leap forward as we will expand our space as well as opportunities to interact with our customers.

While we have some significant changes in the works in regard to new products we plan to introduce to our internet customers, this particular change will influence the way we interact with our local customers.

At some point in August, Guts and Glory Tennis will move operations to downtown Suwanee.  Situated just across from Town Center Park and in front of the Suwanee Library at 333 Main Street, this convenient location should allow us more flexibility in interacting with our customers.  While our offices will still be set up to process internet orders, this location will allow us to open a showroom area where many of our online products can be viewed in person.  Local customers will have the option of picking up their online orders at our new location.  Also we will open a workshop where local customers can bring their racquets for precision stringing that we refer to as “racquet vitalization.”

We believe it is not only desirable, but VITAL,  for the core equipment (racquet frame and strings) to compliment and enhance the on-court experience for players of all levels. What we strive to accomplish is to work with you to find the ideal set-up to allow you to raise your game on the court.  We are interested in vitalizing your equipment to give you an exhilarating end result.  With our unique selection of state-of-the-art strings, our knowledge of blending strings (called hybridding), as well as our JET stringing process, precision stringing machines and racquet diagnostic equipment, we are prepared to offer customers a stringing experience so unique and totally different that it demands to stand out.   This is why we refer to what we do as “racquet vitalization.”  We don’t just string racquets, we vitalize them with a focus on end results.

Because we have gone and made ourselves all “brick and mortar-y” we will no longer be providing pickup and drop off service.  However, our central location, in the heart of our service area should make us very convenient for our customers.  We plan to have hours where we are open early each morning (approx. 7:00 – 7:30) to make dropping off a racquet on the way to work convenient.  We will also try to have some late hours on Thursdays and Fridays which tend to be heavy stringing days in our area.  Our hours will vary from week to week so they will be posted at the Shoppe and online via our facebook page.  We will NOT be a traditional retail facility.  We do not carry traditional products such as clothes and shoes.  We specialize in tennis gift products and tennis strings.  That’s who we are.  That’s what we do.  We hope our customers will think of us as an online business with the convenience of a local showroom and the best darn stringing services on the planet.  Put all of this together and we are referring to our physical location as the Guts and Glory Tennis Shoppe.

We are excited about this change and look forward to having our local customers visit us in our new location in the very near future.  Oh yah, did we mention that we intend to have homemade cookies and treats to share with our customers from time to time?  (Could we possibly get any more Mom and Pop-ish???)

We hope to see you soon at 333 Main Street, Suite 500.

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