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L-TEC Premium Strings – They’re Real and They’re Spectacular!

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The much anticipated wait is over.  L-TEC Premium strings have finally hit the US shores.  They are indeed very real and “spectacular” may actually be a gross understatement.

Guts and Glory Tennis is the company that first introduced Signum Pro offerings to the USA.  We followed that line with the introduction of WeissCANNON strings  and eventually added Mauve Sports (MSV) to the list of quality offerings introduced to the USA through our operation.  All along we have always maintained that in order for us to put our reputation on the line by being associated with a new string, that it must meet our stringent criteria. This criteria includes thorough local playtesting where we, along with our group of playtesters, must determine that the string either offers something new, different or better than our current line of strings OR offers the same or better qualities at a cost that will save our customers money.  For the past several years we have been approached by a number of start-up string companies who have invited us to partner with them to introduce their strings to the USA.  Because they were not able to meet our criteria, we have consistently decided not to partner with these start-up operations.

Last November we were approached by world-renown string designer John Elliot who spoke with us about a new line of strings he was developing under a new brand.  The conversation intrigued us because his vision was to create a line of premium playing strings extruded in new shapes to optimize on-court performance.  The line consisted of copoly strings and synthetics specifically designed to work together in hybrid combinations that allow personal customization of the stringbed.  As we tested the strings, for the first time in 3 years, our playtesters and staff realized we were hitting with something that was indeed new, different and completely unique.  As Rick Harrison often says, “I had to have it.”

We began teasing our customers about the strings in early spring, thinking they would be launched in late spring/early summer.  The launch was delayed for several months, but is finally here.  Needless to say, we are excited for the tennis playing public to be introduced to these new offerings.

The strings represent a completely new concept.  Not only are the products absolutely spectacular on the court, but they offer the opportunity for us to not only market the strings, but also educate stringers and those who will eventually resell the product on methods to optimize the performance through a specialized stringing process.  They fit nicely into our portfolio because they are not designed to compete with our MSV and WeissCANNON audiences/customers.  These strings are at the high end of the cost scale, on par with the Luxilons and other premium priced offerings.  We believe they are superior products and unlike many of the premium priced strings, the L-TEC line will reward customers who purchase in quantity by bringing the cost per set down. This cost is even lower when you factor in that the L-TEC strings, strung using the prescribed techniques, will last 2x – 3x as long as other copolys and copoly hybrids.

The L-TEC Premium products and system is unique and most impressive in almost every manner possible.  The line is extremely ambitious in that it is seeking to get individual players, home stringers, schools, coaches and retailers to think in terms of customized hybrids specifically designed to maximize the play of the individual player.  The brand focuses on helping the player achieve specific on-court outcomes.  Since this approach is new, everything from the size of sets/reels to tools to help stringers, coaches  and players determine the optimal setup for their games have had to be developed.  The start of this educational effort is included on the new L-TEC section of our web site.  We have also developed a discussion board where L-TEC strings/hybrids and stringing techniques can be discussed.

We are excited and proud to introduce this new brand to the USA.  We hope that you might set aside some time to review the information we have put together on the new L-TEC USA web site.  We will soon be launching introductory pricing on hybrid sets so be watching our blog and web site for additional details to save.

L-TEC Premium strings are finally here.  They’re Real and They’re Spectacular!

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