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Better Strings + Better Stringing = Better Tennis

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Quietly yet with a mighty “Roar” L-TEC strings have hit the US shores and they are without question making a significant impression on those who are using them.

At the end of September the Grand Slam Stringers Symposium was held at the Saddlebrook Resort in Florida.  Stringers from across the globe gathered to learn from one another as well as some of the most respected stringers in the profession.  It was a fabulous event for learning and networking.  If you were unable to attend this year, it is an annual event and we hope to see you in 2012!

One of the highlights of this year’s Symposium was John Elliot, the designer of the L-TEC line of strings, was present and demonstrated his methods for stringing poly-based strings throughout the conference.  While his methods are proprietary, he freely shared and demonstrated them with conference attendees.  He refers to his method as the JET method of stringing.  His methodology is an amalgamation of over 20 years of professional stringing experience combined with intense experimentation to yield results which are bordering on unrealistic.  Still, as attendees can testify, the JET method in combination with L-TEC strings yields results that many would describe as “impossible” and simply “too good to be true.”  Yet, they are very real and we were able to demonstrate the results for conference attendees as well as the GGT local customers.

Specifically the strings in combination with the JET method produce the following:

– A string bed that yields a final stiffness that is as firm or firmer than most stringers produced at a set reference tension 8 lbs higher.  (This allows lower tensions to be used which preserves the playability of the string without causing it any stress or damage)

– A string bed in which all main strings measure the same as reference tension when complete which is important for uniform and consistent string bed response.

– A string bed that will only lose 2 – 4 pounds of tension within the first 6 – 10+ hours  of court time.

– A string bed that preserves all of the limited elasticity of the poly-based strings allowing them to offer efficient playability 2x – 3x longer (or more!) than other setups.

– A string bed that will not notch, allowing free and easy string snapping action which produces added control and spin.

– On court performance that allows the player to hit freely without fear of balls flying long.  (The strings maintain this for multiple hitting sessions)

– Allows the player to generate more pace (100% controlled) with much less effort.

– Allows players to hit shots they never dreamed possible.

– It completely dispels any notion that poly based strings lose tension rapidly, play dead, are uncomfortable, are not arm friendly and are only for big hitters.

– It allows players of all levels to raise their game and to play better tennis.

Those are just a few of the many advantages of the L-TEC strings combined with the JET Method of stringing.

At the GSS Symposium a high level player (former Division 1 player) approached John Elliot with a dilemma.  He was not happy with the string-life and performance he was getting from his setup.  He was using Luxilon ALU Mains with Babolat Natural Gut crosses.  He was blowing through that setup in approx. 2 hours of play (broken mains).  John talked with him about dropping tension from the mid-50’s to the mid-40’s and the guy was skeptical.  He could not imagine how he could possibly play with any control nor that the strings at a thinner gauge could last longer.  John took him to the stringing room at midnight for a late night lesson.  The combination used for this player happened to be the L-TEC Premium OS mains (1.28) blended with the L-TEC Premium 3S Black crosses.  His 14 main string racquet was strung at 44lbs using the JET Method.

The next morning a hitting session was arranged at 7:00AM with a sales representative from a major tennis brand who was also trying out a setup of L-TEC 4s mains with Babolat VS Gut crosses.  This player’s regular setup was full VS natural gut.  As the session began neither player could actually believe the sensations they were experiencing.  The major brand representative could not believe he was hitting with a poly-hybrid because of the high level of comfort.  However, the control he was getting made him raise an eyebrow because it was a much better experience than he imagined.  Meanwhile our former Division I player was stunned, shocked and amazed.  He was hitting blazing shots that he thought had no chance of being in the court, yet they were dropping in.  Hitting with pace was easier than ever and he kept repeating a mantra that went something like this…”unbelievable…completely unbelievable!”

Before leaving for the conference we were able to get some sets into hands of players who had been clamoring for the L-TEC strings.  We received the following message on the way home from the conference.  “Dear John: I have played with the L-tec OS/5S for about 10 days and it is hands down the best strings I have hit with. They not only have great feel but also control. I can generate pace as well as slice. They are soft on the elbow. It almost feels as if one is playing with a very high premium gut.”

Since returning from the conference we have been introducing the L-TEC strings in combination with the JET method to our local customers in the 3.5 – 4.5 range and have been earning rave reviews.  Last week we had a very high level player, one who has been hitting partners with James Blake and Donald Young drive to our shoppe to test the strings.  He was another in a long line of players who had been using full poly setups strung in the 60’s and to boot he even employed string savers.  We took his tension down to 42, removed the string savers and he took the stick to use in a match against a strong opponent.  The next day we received an email message from him gushing with praise and disbelief.  In fact he said his shots were so ridiculously good that all he could do was laugh.  He couldn’t believe the tennis he was producing.  On Monday he called to personally tell me how thrilled and shocked he was with the L-TEC strings.  Here is an excerpt from the original email message.  As for the strings I have to tell you I am faced with a very serious dilemma.  Those strings are the most game changing strings I have ever used and I am not some run of the mill guy that has used 10 different strings in a lifetime.  I may try 6 – 10 different strings a year.  I always feel that you should be open to trying new things especially products that may elevate your game.

Our vision for the L-TEC strings and the JET method is simple.  We want to help players play better tennis.  We have a product and methodology that allows for the game to be easier and more fun than ever.  Our dilemma is that our roll-out is rather involved and it is just getting started.  We are about to begin reaching out to tennis shops, retailers, coaches and stringers who are interested in using using the strings with the JET method.  It will take some time for the movement to spread and be convenient for tennis players throughout the USA and the world.  In the interim we are making the strings available for those who are interested.  By themselves they are an excellent product.  When used in combination with the JET Method, the performance raises to an entirely different level.  We suggest using the stringing techniques we outline on the L-TEC page if you want to try the strings and are not near a certified L-TEC stringer.  The information here is NOT the JET method but will help generate very good results.

For a limited time, Guts and Glory Tennis is offering L-TEC hybrid sets at 50% off the regular retail prices in order to introduce the product to those who may be curious.  To get this pricing you will need to use the coupon code “L-TEC50” when you check out on the GGT web site.  We invite all of our local readers to check out these new strings for yourselves.  The formula for playing better tennis is quite simple really…

Better Strings + Better Stringing = Better Tennis

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    Can’t wait to get some in my rackets. Great article hope to see the results bloom.


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