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New for 2012 – – Guts & Glory Tennis does Google+

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At Guts and Glory Tennis we are extremely excited about 2012.  We believe the New Year will bring great innovations and products for our customers and online friends.

To start the new year off with a bang, we have created some additional resources that will allow us to continue interacting with our customers.  Earlier today we began laying the groundwork for 2 important Google+ sites.

The first is for our L-TEC Premium tennis strings.  We have created the L-TEC Google+ site as another mechanism to interact with tennis players, stringers, coaches and retailers who are interested in learning more about L-TEC Premium strings as well as the JET Method.  While we currently have a dedicated section of our web site allocated to providing information about the strings as well as a discussion board where customers can ask specific questions, we are extremely excited by the features our Google+ site will add.  Specifically we plan to make use of Google+’s hangouts to have small online discussions with those interested in L-TEC/JET as well as our partners in this venture.  If you are not already using Google+ we hope you will consider joining so that you can participate.  Once you join please follow the above link (or search Google+  for L-TEC Tennis) and add us to one of your circles.  In exchange we will add you to ours so that you will be notified whenever we plan to host a “hangout” session.  We hope to offer several of these throughout the coming year and perhaps we will even be lucky enough to have John Elliot,  the L-TEC Premium string designer and founder of the JET Method, on hand to interact with you directly for one or more.

The second Google+ site we have developed is for our shoppe, Guts and Glory Tennis.  The Guts & Glory Tennis Google+ site will keep followers abreast of exciting new product offerings and also provide a mechanism for direct interaction with us for our local as well as online customers.  We are proud to provide quality personalized racquet vitalization services to our local customers and are always happy to interact with our online customers.  We are hopeful this site will introduce followers to interesting products, services and targeted specials that we are planning for 2012.

For those not familiar with Google+, it is basically an advanced social networking site.  In a way it is similar to facebook with some additional features such as group chats, the ability to use a feature called “circles” which allow selective/controlled interaction with fellow Google+ users and the “hangout” sessions which have great potential to be fantastic learning forums.  While facebook is clearly the most widely used social network, we believe that Google+ will grow rapidly because it is a well designed platform that will appeal to a very wide audience.  If you do not already belong, we hope you will explore the service.  If you do belong we hope you will add one or both of the above mentioned sites to your circles so that we can add you to our own customer circles.  (You can also search Google+ for L-TEC Tennis or Guts & Glory Tennis to find us.)

Happy New Year everyone!


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