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Ode to Parallel Pliers

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Dearest Parallel Pliers –

It’s funny how we can really never truly know what we are missing until we experience it.  From the moment I opened my package from  and found you swaddled in bubble wrap, I knew you were going to be special.  A 5 inch and 4.2 ounce buddle of joy.  The first day I looked lovingly at you and made a special place for you in my tool tray…perhaps it was the parental nesting instinct kicking in? No one really knows for sure, but I was sure glad to have you.

The next day as I reached for my trusted pliers to cinch up a knot on the first racquet of the morning, I caught a glimpse of your doe-eyes looking at me…silently pleading to get into action.  You were ready.  Shiny, new, begging me to let you do what you were born to do.  I gently picked you up, opened your jaws and allowed you to have your first taste of poly-based tennis string.  You gently took hold and together we cinched a perfect knot.  You released the string and at that precise moment I knew you were something very special.  I could hardly wait for the next knot and then the next!  Together we went at it with gusto.  You responded beautifully allowing a tight cinch with no damage to the string. No premature breaking.  A solid knot.  You, parallel pliers, made me swell with pride that day.  I could not have been any happier.

The subsequent days our relationship continued growing stronger and stronger.  I found myself falling head over heals in love with you…amazed at how easy and precise you handled your job and wanting to proclaim my love for you by shouting it from the mountain tops (or perhaps a blog entry!)

I have no idea why it took me so many years to find you.  In retrospect it seems silly that I have strung 1000’s of frames without you.  You are the perfect ending for any stringjob and I can not imagine life without you.  Thank you for bringing such joy to me.  Parallel Pliers…I love you!

2 thoughts on “Ode to Parallel Pliers

  1. gotwheels on said:

    John, I agree with you on the usefulness of parallel pliers, but they must be good ones. The better pliers seem to be made in England. Lots of folks like to use a starting clamp or wrap string around a long nose plier to set knots; however, my preference is a quality parallel jaw pliers. I am sure the GSS pliers are very good – I use a Manley 2005.

  2. GGTennis on said:

    Excellent insights. Quality is important. Thanks for sharing!


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