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WeissCANNON’s “Dual Reality”

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This blog entry practically screams for some retro cool 60’s music to play in the background.  We believe it helps to set the tone for this groovy new string from WeissCANNON. We invite our blog readers to play the music and continue onward with reading our review of “Dual Reality.”  Enjoy!

The brand new Dual Reality from WeissCANNON is an extremely worthy addition to an already stellar lineup.  WeissCANNON is best known for offering a line of quality tennis string offerings that provide distinct and clear playing characteristics to meet the playing demands of a wide range of players.  Dual Reality is the first prepackaged poly/synthetic hybrid and it is something special.

The psychedelic packaging conjures a groovy image of a place in time when harmony was highly sought after and valued.  A time when seeking pure pleasure and true happiness was a significant cultural movement.  Dual Reality brilliantly takes tennis players back to those basics tenants of yesteryear with a string of the future.  Judging from the early reviews, WeissCANNON has another break out hit on their hands.

Currently the tennis landscape consists of a growing number of prepackaged hybrids.  String companies have essentially taken one of their polys and paired it with one of their existing synthetic strings and packaged them together, had their marketing department come up with a catchy name and called them a hybrid.  WeissCANNON, on the other hand, ended up designing a hybrid from scratch.

Rather than  using one of their existing polys for the mains, WeissCANNON decided to design the hybrid around one of their newest poly prototypes that was already turning the heads of playtesters.  They discovered the svelte 1.18mm diameter of this new string offered the perfect blend of power, bite, and feel for a main in a hybrid setup.

Next, WeissCANNON designed and produced a brand new synthetic string to be used exclusively with their round poly main.  They spent considerable time, effort and research to create a string that would compliment and accent the strengths of the main.   The result is a new 16ga multifilament string that serves admirably as the cross in this setup.

It’s honestly hard to determine whether the star of this hybrid setup is the main or the cross.  They blend together in near perfect unison to create a stringbed that is flush in comfort, touch and controllable power.  The symbiotic relationship between these two new offerings has impressed playtesters and represents a new advancement in prepackaged hybrids.  Players who have been using poly/multi or poly/syn gut or poly/gut hybrids are going to find the new WeissCANNON Dual Reality to lead to dynamic on court performance in virtually all areas of the game.

WeissCANNON through their playtesting process, has identified specific tensions that they recommend for optimal performance.  They are asking users to “Rethink” their traditional tensions and remain open to the manufacturer suggestions.  The cross string should be tensioned 6 – 7 lbs higher than the mains.  In a mid-plus frame WeissCANNON is recommending tensions of 49lbs for the mains and 55 for the crosses.  For an oversize frame they recommend mains at 53 and crosses at 59.  They claim optimal tension is one of the secrets that allow the strings to perform together in perfect unison…(greater synchronization than the World Champion Synchronized Swim Team)!

If you are seeking a versatile string that appeals to a broad range of playing styles and levels, the WeissCANNON Dual Reality may be for you.  We invite you to experience true harmony, happiness and carefree joy on the courts. Finding your groove on court will be easy.  Run out and tell your Mamas and your Papas because WeissCANNON has done it again…Groovy!

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