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An arm-friendly poly hybrid? This Physical Therapist thinks so…

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Below is a recently received review for the new WeissCANNON Dual Reality.  Currently available at introductory pricing from Guts and Glory Tennis!

I am a Physical therapist of 25 yrs who has treated many weekend warriors who write Vamos on their sneakers and string their rackets with hybrid or poly strings only to be reminded that they are over 35 and now have desk jobs. Seen many shoulder/elbow and wrist problems since the technology of strings changed. Always recommended the Explosiv! to switch to during rehab for its arm friendly properties. But for those who really missed their hybrids, I couldn’t find a string that I would recommend.. until now. Stringing a little lower then recommended (45/50), the blend and harmony of the two strings was immediately noticeable. The strings produce a good amount of spin, power, control and touch. But what was most noticeable for me was how arm friendly this combination of strings is. None of the usual complaints associated with other strings. A string for any serious tennis player of any age. Weiss Cannon definitely put together a great hybrid package, but by doing so may put me out of business!!!


15 thoughts on “An arm-friendly poly hybrid? This Physical Therapist thinks so…

  1. mixedmedia on said:

    Is the $11.50 the intro price or do we enter a code? Thanks. And any word on if the component parts of this will be (or are already) available separately?

  2. GGTennis on said:

    $11.50 is the introductory pricing. The Dual Reality is a prepackaged hybrid. The strings are designed to work together. There is no current plan to produce the strings separately. In a few weeks we will be testing and possibly introducing a new multifilament string from WeissCANNON. I must stress this new multi is in no way related to the cross string in the Dual Reality. It is a NEW offering.

  3. mixedmedia on said:

    Any word on the new multi? 🙂

  4. GGTennis on said:

    It is called Big Fantum and the shipment arrived in the USA earlier this week. It is currently clearing customs. We should have it by next week. WeissCANNON is VERY excited by the performance of both of these new offerings.

  5. Mikeler on said:

    So what happened to this new multi?

  6. GGTennis on said:

    It just arrived. We do not have it available online as of yet. Have been playtesting for the past 60 days. Just as we’ve come to expect from WeissCANNON, it’s a solid performing string with a strange name. It is called…get ready…”The Big Fantum.” Yep, that’s the name. We will try to get it up and available in the next 7 – 10 days.

  7. Kevin on said:

    I have been dealing with arm problems (shoulder and elbow). I am going to try Prince Original Graphite OS and am looking for a string recommendation and maybe tension recommendation too. (I have been using multi 16 gauge strung at 61 lbs with my Wilson H6 110.)
    I find that I am happy with playability of most strings. I am looking for durability (I am hard on strings and heard that POG OS is too), strings that I don’t have re-adjust after every point would be nice. Final(and perhaps most important) preference is for a string that is easy on my arm.
    Any ideas? Thank you.

  8. GGTennis on said:

    The POG OS has a history of being a healthy frame. In terms of strings you can stay with the multi at your tension or even a couple pounds lower and you should be fine. Durability will be an issue. You could go with a softer poly main…something like a Silverstring or MSV Focus Hex blended with a soft solid core like Signum Pro Ultra Power SF of L-TEC FLX. If using the later setup you can drop tension to no more than 52 mains with 56 crosses.

  9. Kevin on said:

    Thank you. Because of the savings, I ordered the Dual Reality string today. I will try about 50/55, unless you think I should do something else. If they don’t work I will try your other recommendations. Looking forward to the experiment!

  10. GGTennis on said:

    50/55 on a POGOS should be close. I would suggest 51/55, a difference of 4 lbs between mains and crosses.

  11. ChicagoJack on said:

    Cool, cool. I’m intrigued, but I’m not quite “getting it” I guess. The string is designed to have the poly in the main, the syth in the crosses, and the crosses strung higher than mains? It seems so erm.. backwards. Won’t reversing the traditional hybrid set up inhibit the mains from sliding freely on the crosses? You’d loose the incremental spin gained from the snap back. Am I missing something?


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  13. Kevin on said:

    Finally got these strings in my racket and wanted to provide some feedback. I strung at the recommended tension (45 mains, 50 crosses). I had been using Prince Synthetic Gut (16 gauge) in my 18×20 ProKennex 7G. I found the PSG to be an excellent string: dirt cheap, long lasting and good playability.
    So far the Dual Reality string seems to be fine. No worse on my arm that I can tell–only played twice though. But no increase in playability. It seems to lack the zip and spin I am used to when using a hybrid poly setup. So, other than expecting even more durability out of this string, it’s more of a lateral move in terms of playability.


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