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Mythbusting: L-TEC Pricing

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Introducing a string brand that ignores convention clearly has caused some confusion out of the gates.  One area that seems to cause the greatest confusion is in regard to pricing.  L-TEC Premium strings, when purchased in individual sets, do indeed carry a hefty price tag.  The poly-based offerings range from $16.90 per set to $19.99 per set.  This is as much or more than some of the better known polys in the marketplace.  When you factor in the performance advantages the strings provide as well as the longevity of play, (frequently outlasting competitors 2x – 3x in terms of efficient playability),  L-TEC believes the set prices are well worth the premium costs.

However, unlike other premium strings, L-TEC rewards customers who purchase in quantity.  Once players find a string combination that works for them, they can purchase the strings in larger quantities to save money.  Customers have the opportunity to choose how much they would like to save.  L-TEC is available in mini-spools (165 ft./4 full string sets).  Purchased in this quantity the customer saves 20% off the set price.  The same set that sold for $16.90 is only $13.57.  The set that sold for $19.99 becomes $17.48.  If the customer wishes to save even more, he/she can purchase in convenience spools (330 ft./8 full string sets). In this quantity the customer saves 30% off the set price.  A $16.90 string now costs just $11.81 per set while the $19.99 offering costs just $15.31 per set.  Suddenly L-TEC, even the most expensive poly-based string in the line, is available at a lower cost than other top-end poly-based strings.

L-TEC has created the unique sizes of mini-spools and convenience spools for two main reasons.  #1 is to make quantity purchasing in the form of hybrids reasonable.  #2 is to offer customers the opportunity to purchase L-TEC strings in quantity with savings that bring the per set costs down to a level that is below other high end poly-based offerings.  Once a hybrid is identified we believe the majority of players who are enjoying L-TEC strings will choose to purchase in quantity to save costs which leads to even greater enjoyment.


5 thoughts on “Mythbusting: L-TEC Pricing

  1. mixedmedia on said:

    But don’t most companies offer reels that have a decent discount compared to the individual retail sets?

  2. GGTennis on said:

    You are correct, some companies do offer discounts on their reels when looking at a per set price. However, when you move into the high priced polys there traditionally has been no discount. The #1 selling silver colored poly retails for approx. $16.99 per set and $275 per 660′ reel. The #1 selling black poly has the same retail set price, but they do offer a discount of approx 15% – 18% when customers purchase 660′ reels. L-TEC offers customers the option of purchasing in more manageable quantities with greater savings.

    • mixedmedia on said:

      Okay, that makes sense. The same thought actually occurred to me after I posted the comment. I guess I was thinking more of WeissCANNON and those in similar price ranges for sets. I think many people are just surprised that the price per set has been set so high to begin with, for a new company and new string, instead of the gradual increase that most in that situation would go through.

  3. BirdMan on said:

    That is great news. I am still searching for my favorite setup, sooo many options…
    Once I find it, glad to know I can save a little $$

  4. Fred Levy on said:

    I had 35 hours on my first L-Tec setup, 3S/Premium Gut


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