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Donnay Frames now available!

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We are extremely proud to introduce Donnay as the first line of racquets Guts and Glory Tennis has made available directly to our local and online customers.

We chose Donnay as the first line of frames we are making available to our customers  for two main reasons.  1.  The performance aspects of the frame are outstanding.  2.  Donnay incorporates technology into their frames which makes them excel at absorbing shock.  In short they are arm-friendly and play great.

Donnay frames are not inexpensive.  They carry an MSRP of $229 – $249, but can be found online for as low as $198.00.  Our in store and online price is $209.90 for all the Donnay frames we carry, (As of 4/18/12). This pricing INCLUDES the customer’s choice of any L-TEC, MSV or WeissCANNON string we carry professionally installed.  The stringjob alone retails  from $25.00 – $44.00.

Guts and Glory Tennis offers a demo program for our local customers.  We allow customers to check out demo racquets for a 3 day period for just $5.00 per racquet. For customers wishing to experience the full range of Donnay offerings before buying we offer a demo program where customers can take out an unlimited number of frames during a 30 day period for just $25.00. All demo charges will be applied to the purchase of the frame.

One feature of Donnay frames we really like is the pallet system.  This means the grip molds can be easily changed without altering the specs of the frame.  Let’s say you are a junior using a Donnay frame and your hand grows and you need a larger grip size.  We can swap out the pallets on your frame and increase the size for you without adding weight typically associated with heat sleeve build-ups.  No need to by a new frame, just change out the pallet.  Guts and Glory stocks plenty of pallets in all sizes so if you are ever in need of changing the grip size it can be easily accomplished.

Also, Guts and Glory Tennis purchases what we call “raw frames” directly from Donnay.  These are really cool.  The frame comes out of the factory at a length of 28″.  By having access to the raw frames we are able to provide extended length versions of the Donnay racquets to our customers.  If you want a Donnay custom sized we can produce it for you.  Whether you just want a tad extra length at 27 1/4″ or a full inch at 28″, we can help you.

Speaking of customization, Donnay knows that better players are frequently altering/tweaking the specifications of their frames with lead tape.  Donnay has designed their frames to be easily customized.  A self-customization kit is available where interchangeable butt caps can be used to add weight to the bottom of the racquet.  This is known as tailweighting and it is a common customization activity.  Donnay offers butt cap options of 5 grams and 10 grams as well as a tool to easily change out the weight when desired.  They also offer 3 gram slides that can be easily and neatly inserted to the sides of most Donnay models.  The precious metal frames also allow these slides to be added to the head, if desired.  They are neat, clean and much safer than using lead tape, but just as effective.

If you are in the market for a new frame and want something with superior performance characteristics, easily customized and comes complete with a rockin’ string job, why not check out the new Donnay frames at Guts and Glory Tennis?

3 thoughts on “Donnay Frames now available!

  1. Rod Groom on said:

    Hi Guys,can you advise me on availability of frame specs of the 28 inch blanks . We are looking for 275 grm . 28 in length blanks for juniors .
    With thanks,Rod

  2. GGTennis on said:


    We would have to build them out to get the specs. Which model(s) are you most interested in? We are currently waiting a shipment of the Formula, but we have plenty of X-P Duals in stock.

  3. Raymond on said:

    Can the Donnay Pro One OS Ext be purchased in 28 inches. They’re just no 28 inches racquets on the market for us short guys.


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