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The most biased, politically incorrect and completely over-the-top racquet review–EVER! (And it is ALL TRUE!…well, mostly true)

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As soon as I began warming up the first time with the Donnay demo that had been sitting in my bag waiting its turn for a playtest, I could sense something very special was about to go down.  In this case it was my league tennis opponent who went down…hard…extremely hard…whimpering off the court kinda hard!  He was completely shell-shocked as he was force fed a 1-6, 1-6 drubbing of epic proportions.

On this night my game was pure magic!  It was fueled by the Donnay Pro One OS EXT, a remarkable achievement in racquet technology.   The engineers on the Donnay racquet design team clearly worked OT conjuring this modern marvel of pure tennis bliss. The racquet has no obvious weaknesses and no peers.  It is about as perfect as a racquet can possibly be in the hands of any competitive league player; which is incredibly hard to believe given the specs that will likely give players pause.  On paper it’s too light (10.5 oz).  It has too high of a swingweight for a modern game (330).  The headsize is somewhere in the hinterlands (105).  The extra 1/2″ length will certainly screw up your game (27.5).  Yet somehow this cocktail of cockamamie specs combines to form one of the most special racquets in the historic anals of tennis.

Let’s look at the important stuff.  The comfort and hitting sensations the player experiences with nearly every strike of the ball is beyond buttery.  It is sweeter and more delectable than Grandma’s homemade fudge.  Smooth comfort with sensations you will literally dream about. Like a catchy jingle, the hitting sensations will haunt you and render you completely powerless to get the feel out of your mind.  I played with a full poly setup and with most Donnay frames you expect outstanding comfort, but for some reason this frame is smoother, better and even more spectacular than the others I have hit.  The level of comfort is the same as if I were using the most subtle natural gut.

From a shotmaking perspective, just point and shoot baybee!  Groundstrokes are powerful and precise.  Angles are easier to come by than a hickey in a make-out session.  Spin is more ample than a double D pole dancer.  Slice is more effective than anything ever put out by Ronco or Williams Sonoma.

At the service line men will feel manly due to the easy extra MPH’s they will discover.  Heck, they’ll want to spit and grab their crotch after launching a barrage howitzers at their opponents.  Women wielding the Pro One OS EXT will want to be extra wary because they too may get a testosterone boost while serving and they run the very real risk of coming off the court after a long 3 set match sporting a full beard, cussing and looking for a beer.

The Donnay Pro One OS EXT is surprisingly adept and maneuverable at net. Volleys are Pine-Sol clean and bacon crisp.  For the player who thrives on variety, this racquet is totally capable of going lunar with mega spin if the mood strikes you. The dizzying variety of shots, ease of execution, precision and comfort make this racquet absolutely perfect for the vast majority of intermediate league level players.  I am not just saying that because I sell them, but because I have playtested many racquets and believe it to be absolutely true.  (Full disclosure:  I also really want to sell the heck out of this frame!)

The one criticism I have is that it should come with a straightjacket, because it is going to be sending many an opponent to the looney bin as he/she languishes in futility while trying to find a weakness in your game when you are wielding this weapon of war on your local neighborhood courts. (Always good to end an epic blog entry with a spectacularly grammar-challenged run-on sentence, eh?)

The Donnay Pro One OS EXT
Quite simply more pleasurable than any  K-Y product – Go get yourself one today!

4 thoughts on “The most biased, politically incorrect and completely over-the-top racquet review–EVER! (And it is ALL TRUE!…well, mostly true)

  1. Raghu on said:

    I was following along your blog a while back when you were using a 2 handled racket (Natural tennis)? Did you give up and go back to single handle tennis? Facing some over use injuries on one side, I’m debating giving it a try or at least dropping my beloved 1hBH for a 2hBH.

  2. Mark on said:

    How was the racket for your arm? Specs seem too stiff, too light, and too long to make your list of arm friendly rackets?

    • GGTennis on said:


      Some of the Donnay’s do not follow the spec guidelines I look for in arm-friendly racquets. However, due to the duo-core technology and Xenecore dampening materials, I have not found players with sensitive elbows have issues with the stiffer frames. The 105 OS provides an extremely comfortable hitting experience.

  3. Dan on said:

    I am interested in the P1 OS Ext. as well. But I worry about exactly the extended length as I have played with 27+ in. rackets before and my forehand & serve got screwed up. Could not adjust after 10 plus hours and then went back to my 27 in. racket.

    How did it feel for you on the FH swing & the serve?

    Thx for any input that you could provide.


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