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Ode to the Mono

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Very little information is available online about the Prince Precision Mono, one of the coolest racquets ever produced. It is entirely possible this racquet was introduced years ahead of it’s time. The tennis world just wasn’t ready, and still isn’t ready, for a radical retro paradigm shift back to the monoshaft design. Still, this is my racquet of choice and I am glad others are not using it because it clearly gives me a mental and technological edge over my opponents. This piece is written to pay homage to a racquet that was introduced before the internet became the bastion of information it is today.

Prince Precision Mono

Top 7 Reasons Why the Prince Precision Mono is the perfect racquet for me…

7. Classic cosmetics and rugged good looks remind me of self.

6. It’s over two decades old, meaning it has the elements of maturity and experience over other racquets it faces across the net.

5. I love the reaction when I tell my opponents “it’s a suped-up badminton racquet”…and then beat them!

4. Totally unique and unconventional, the same elements on which my game is so cleverly based.

3. Jimmy Connors used a Prince Mono on the senior’s tour…conclusive proof that tennis legends really do idolize me.

2. Precision is it’s middle name, Harold is mine; the cool quotient is no coincidence.

1. Chicks dig it!

More Mono Facts

First introduced in 1994

Headsize: 97.6 in
Length: 27 in
Weight: 11.8 oz
Balance: 8 points head light
Flex: 62
Swingweight: 329
Pattern: 16 x 21
Composition: 100% Graphite
Cross Section: 20mm Straight Beam
Power Level 1991
MSRP (1994) $150.00

My Current Setup
Favorite strings: Poly mains/Natural Gut crosses
Tension: 44 mains/48 crosses
#64 Rubber Band Vibration Dampener

Racquet Strengths
Lightning fast at net
Wicked slicing backhands
Best volleying stick in the history of tennis
Hitting overheads: An absolute dream
Perfect balance of precision, control and power
Delicious specs for an all-court game

Monoshaft Design Features
Increases racquet manuverability 25% over open throat racquets
Multidirectional Flex – consistent flex in all directions for maximum touch and feel

Prince Precision Mono…Cool Under Pressure!
John “15+ MPH on Every Serve” Youngblood is a part-time writer and humorist who often says “Those foolish enough to take the opposite end of the court against me are quite frankly going to GET THE SHAFT everytime.” He also believes the pun is underrated.

18 thoughts on “Ode to the Mono

  1. Lee on said:

    So strangle with this tennis racquet

  2. edward seaton on said:

    I have two of these. And I love them both!

  3. Jim on said:

    I have 9 Prince Mono’s that I would like to sell. Anyone interested?

  4. GGTennis on said:

    what is the condition? Also weight varies depending on whether they were the pro shop runs or the big box runs in later years. What is the weight? What are the grip sizes?

  5. Jim on said:

    I have 7 4 1/2 grips and 1 4 3/8 grip. All are from my old pro shop one brand new unstrung, one unused demo both with covers the others were hit lightly or not at all and are in pristine condition with various different grips. I am keeping 3 others that I still use occasionally.

  6. Jim on said:

    I have two and would love to have a third, do you still have them?

  7. jeff on said:

    Jim are those monoshaft still available? If so pls email me would like to get them from you. Thanks!


  8. Jim on said:

    Yes I have several 4 1/2 grips left. How can we get in touch off this site?

  9. VR Kala on said:

    It’s 2020 and I am here reading this 🙂

    Interestingly looking to buy this racquet.

    I am not expecting an immediate response but still trying – Is the stiffness correct? I read elsewhere that it actually is 67.

    Also, any idea if it is made in USA?

  10. David on said:

    I just bought two new old stock Mono Jr. racquets for $64 each off of ebay. They are heavy for a kid’s racquet at 11 oz. and I wonder if they just cut an inch off. The size 0 grip fits me fine and my ground strokes and serves aren’t effected much by the shorter length. I got them to improve my touch shots and have overgrip all the way up the handle so I can choke way up. The adult one has 650 power level and the Jr. is 600.


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