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WeissCANNON has built a reputation for producing a line of high quality tennis products occasionally presented/packaged in a somewhat quirky manner. Their string naming convention is completely unpredictable but that is part of what makes the company unique and fun.  That said, WeissCANNON users are fiercely loyal to the brand and the reason is simple…WeissCANNON strings deliver predictable, long-lasting performance.  Their two newest offerings are no exception.

The founder/owner of WeissCANNON is an engineer with a degree in fibers technology and he is perpetually pushing his team to reach, innovate and not be tied to convention.  The result is a brand new material, “Hyper-Poly” that combines many of the desirable characteristics of newer generation copolys with greater comfort, ball speed and control. The material offers a slick outer surface that promotes string movement for easy access to spin and easy installation.  In short, Hyper-Poly enhances overall performance in virtually all measurables.

Four years ago Siggi Weiss sent us a color sample of a fluorescent red string.  He was excited about the color and at that time he told us he was saving it for a “Special String” that he was developing.  That string is the new WeissCANNON Red Ghost. Fluorescent red is appropriate because this string is raging in tennis goodness.  It will definitely fire up your game with increased ball speed and comfort making it hard to fathom you are playing with a poly. In fact you are not playing with a traditional copoly and differences are something you will immediately notice and appreciate.  In addition to the new material, WeissCANNON has developed a unique extrusion method for this exciting offering.  Red Ghost is comprised of 7 Grooved Ridges.  This unique construction allows the Red Ghost to both grab the felt and slide for very nice access to spin on command.

ultracablesetSubscribing to the theory that 2 is better than 1, WeissCANNON has introduced a second new offering using a variation of the new material.  The second is simply called Ultra Cable.  This new offering is the most aggressively designed spin string in their arsenal.  It is four-sided and the profile is razor sharp with an insatiable appetite for ball fuzz.  This string is stiffer than the RedGhost, but still offers an impressive level of comfort and playability.  The sharp profile is reminiscent of some other square strings on the market, with the distinguishing difference being playability.  Simply, the Ultra Cable plays better, lasts longer and produces as much spin as any string in the squared profile category.

At Guts and Glory Tennis we strongly believe these strings are so unique that they will change the way you think about tennis strings.  Toward that end, FOR A LIMITED TIME, we are offering playtest discounts well below wholesale to EXISTING customers who contact us directly via email or through our Facebook page.  We believe once you try these new offerings there is simply no going back.  New customers may also contact us and we will offer discounts close to wholesale for playtest purposes.

Be an early adopter and reap the on-court rewards!

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  1. GGTennis on said:

    NOTE: WeissCANNON wants us to locate 15 playtesters for each of these new offerings. If you are willing to playtest AND submit an online review of your impressions, (good, bad or indifferent), at , we will send you a free playtest sample of your choosing! Please contact us using the email link above and include your shipping address. This offer is only good for a limited time and only available to players in USA and Canada.

  2. mbalynne on said:

    Hi, I have a Babolat Pure Storm Tour that I am thinking of stringing with Dual Reality. Can you recommend tension? Currently it has Babolat hybrid of VS gut in the mains at 57 and rpm blast in crosses at 55. I understand from reading your wonderful post that the crosses should be strung tighter than the mains by some 4#? Appreciate your help.


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